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A Quick and Easy Room-by-Room Declutter Checklist

by Talha Seo
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Feeling a little overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? It can be tempting to just leave it, but if things keep piling up, that can make you feel incredibly stressed.

Instead, why not take a deep breath and get organized?

A room by room declutter checklist can help you tackle the task in bite-sized chunks. That way, you can make progress and feel some relief within your own 4 walls! Find out how to get started by reading this guide on decluttering your home.

Read on!


Clear off nightstands and dressers. Declutter and organize your closet (donate or discard clothes you no longer wear). Go through your under-bed storage and check your bedside table drawers for unnecessary items.

In the end, you’ll have more room for the things that do bring you joy, and you’ll be well on your way to a room makeover.

Living Room

Start with tackling the entertainment center clutter. This includes cords, DVDs, and other items that need to be sorted and put in their respective places. Then, clear all coffee and side tables before attempting to organize and declutter bookshelves.

A great way to do this is by sorting books into subjects or genres. Moving on to magazines and newspapers, it’s essential to go through them to recycle or donate old issues, leaving only the most recent ones that are needed. Give the area one last look over, wiping off surfaces and clearing up any remaining clutter.


Dispose of expired medications and toiletries. Organizing and cleaning out the bathroom cabinets and drawers is an easy and essential first step to your decluttering checklist. Once that’s done, consider an even deeper clean and declutter of the shower or bathtub area.

In this area, you can get rid of old shampoos and body washes, while also considering if you need to donate or throw out old rags and sponges. It can’t hurt to tidy up the outside countertop and makeup area as well.

Home Office or Study

Sort through paperwork and shred or file as needed. Organize desk drawers and declutter and organize bookshelves. Go through electronic cables and gadgets, disposing of outdated or non-functional items.

Basement Area

Go through shelves one-by-one and assess what should stay and go and move to the appropriate sections. Vacuum the floor and, if necessary, dust surfaces and furniture to remove any dirt and debris. Ensure the carpeting is clean, and carpets are deodorized as needed.

Once items are sorted and cleaned, start putting everything away neatly and keep the common storage areas organized. Finally, make sure there is an easy-to-spot “Dumpster” bin, for quickly putting throwaways into before taking them to the dump.


Clean out the pantry and discard expired items. Declutter countertops by removing items you rarely use. Go through your fridge and throw out expired or spoiled food.

Organize cabinets and drawers (get rid of duplicate or broken items) and clear out junk drawers. However, if things get to be too cluttered and you seem to have no time for everything, you can always get help from home cleaning professionals like

Follow this Room by Room Declutter Checklist

By taking time to use this quick and easy room by room declutter checklist, you can keep your space organized and free of clutter. Take it one room at a time and stick with it.

With a little patience and dedication, you’ll have your space clutter-free in no time. Start now for a more organized tomorrow!

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