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7 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Living Room

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Last modified on December 3rd, 2022 at 8:08 pm

Spring Into Your Living Room

Every season has its beauty, unique and just as charming as the next. The best part is that you can always make your home reflect these seasons through simple makeovers.

With the cold out of the way, you don’t want your home looking and feeling like it did in the thick of winter. No more fluffy blankets, crackling fireplaces, and dim lighting, as these are winter aesthetics.

It’s time to welcome spring into your home and make your space feel as warm, bright, and airy as the season itself. If you’re out of ideas, these simple ways to welcome spring into your living room will come in handy:

1. Try a Colorful Wallpaper

You want to keep things simple but effective, right?

Well, a fresh coat of paint doesn’t sound so simple. While it’s one of the best suggestions for bringing in a splash of bright color, it’s a big project.

Try wallpapers instead to get the same effect.

Bright, patterned wallpapers in warm spring colors like peachy, pinks, yellows, and orange shades will be perfect for your living room. Most patterns will do, even bold ones, as long as you avoid making the room look dark or gloomy.

We suggest wallpapers with nature prints. Think meadows or cherry blossoms.

2. Replace the Curtains

With winter gone, you can finally take down the heavy draperies and replace them with light curtains. 

But you want your curtains to reflect the spring spirit long before the season is in full swing. Sheer curtains are ideal since they make your space bright and airy. 

You want to go for bright colors, either in plain white or botanical prints, to capture the outdoorsy feeling.

3. Add Depth with Rugs

You can use rugs throughout the seasons. 

When it comes to spring, you want to be a minimalist. That means being super selective with the rugs you use.

For the area rug, you can set the tone with warm colors, especially floral prints. 

However, you can still opt for other shades if they are muted. This helps strike contrast without taking from the warm look.

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Accent rugs are best kept at a minimum. But decking your sofa with a bold throw rug will certainly enhance your look. 

Finding just the right rug to match the season shouldn’t be difficult. A custom rug would be ideal for bringing out your personality. That’s what Lawrence of La Brea does.

4. Get Rid of the Shadows

When making home improvements for spring, you don’t want shadows casting gloom anywhere in your space.

If there are shadows, probably around large furniture, you may want to move them or shower light in the area.

Since we’re keeping things simple, find ways to open your living room to natural light. One of the ways to go about it is by decluttering your space.

5. Consider Indoor Plants

Spring is the season of growth and rebirth after months of emptiness.

What other way is there to fully welcome the arrival of greenery besides working with plants?

Decorate with indoor plants to bring the outdoorsy appeal into your living room. Think of decor and decide what plants to use to enhance your look.

Most flowering plants like Peace Lily, Orchids, Bromeliads, and Lavender are perfect options for bringing color into your space.

6. Make a Wreath

The December holidays aren’t the only time to enjoy the warm, welcoming feeling that comes with wreaths.

Hanging a wreath on your front door would be a fantastic way of ushering in spring. Considering the season coincides with Easter, you could give yourself a head start and prepare stunning blooms to grace your home.

The web is full of creative ideas. Try various spring-inspired wreath styles for different parts of your home, like the front door or the mantel.

7. Come up With a Centerpiece

A spring centerpiece will definitely set the tone for warm and charming spring decor.

For your colorful tablescape, brush up on your creativity and arrange your table with the things you love. When you think about it, table decorations are the easiest as all you have to do is create colors while being neat about it.

Cute wicker baskets full of spring blooms sitting on a bright tablecloth would make a fine minimalist centerpiece.

Final Thoughts

For a season when things come to life, your arrangement should capture that freshness and light that signifies rebirth. You won’t necessarily need heavy DIY projects to bring the spirit of spring into your home. Creative arrangements that are mostly simple decorations will get things done.

Hopefully, our list has given you inspiring ideas to make your spring makeover a stunning little project.

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