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7 Most Challenging Common Problems Regarding Eyeliner Boxes Production

by EmmaMeaghan
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Usually, all the packaging firms face some challenges in creating the best eyeliner boxes. Only the most innovative firms have the ability to tackle these problems and challenges. They utilize the best practices to do so. The inability to tackle these problems can result in the decreased popularity of these brands. Here are the 7 most common and challenging production problems of this cosmetic packaging.

Eyeliner Boxes Minimizing Packaging Costs:

Costs incurred in the manufacturing process of custom printed eyeliner boxes are a vital factor. Every brand is not that much financially strong and can’t allocate the main part of their budget on this aspect during their development phase.

These cost factors go higher sometimes while equipping their packaging with all the modern trends. However, the innovative manufacturers understand this need of the brands and offer some creative solutions to this problem.

They usually provide special discounts in every aspect from manufacturing to shipping. Die and plate charges are also not applied to brands for the printing, and free design support is also offered. Moreover, free shipping is also offered to them on getting them in the bulk amounts. 

Eyeliner Boxes

Creating Distinction from Rivals:

Staying distinctive in the market from all other brands is essential for brands for maximum attention. They need to get recognized by the maximum number of customers. Custom eyeliner boxes wholesale aid brands doing so, but it is not always easy for the manufacturers to do so.

Manufacturers have found a unique solution to these problems. They use a virtual reality environment to test the multiple 3d prototypes and opt for one with the best shelf impact. Moreover, the use of different techniques like unboxing, logo display, and infographics also play a vital role.  

Difficulty in Getting Exact Colors for Eyeliner Boxes:

The printing phase is the most challenging aspect faced by manufacturers during the production of custom eyeliner boxes USA. Usually, the colors seen in the design file are not received in the output.

This problem can change the iconic color of their design that they are promoting on their website and other social media platforms. It can bring confusion to the mind of customers. However, it can be avoided by preparing to design in CMYK.

It helps to get accurate results, as shown in the file, because they become pure of the impurity of other colors. The offset and digital printers use the CMYK color schemes, and hence the final design is received in the desire colors perfectly. 

Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Making the Packaging Eco-Friendly:

Cosmetic brands usually try to avoid harm to the environment as they are meant to be conscious of the green environment. The spread of land pollution and air pollution is reduced by using eco-friendly eyeliner packaging boxes as it has also become a serious issue.

In contrast, the world is conducting different summits and seminars about the importance of a green environment. These manufacturers are also now offering a number of alternative custom printed boxes raw materials like seaweed, corn starch, bamboo pulp, and mushrooms.

This agricultural waste does not leave harm to the environment and is highly recyclable. This post-consumed material is also easy to get decomposed, and no land pollution occurs because of this. 

Making Eyeliner Boxes Protective for Products:

Capped eyeliner pens are very fragile and need to get shipped in the retail stores or at the address of buyers safely. It is very challenging for the manufacturers to create custom printed eyeliner boxes that could keep these items safe from any harm. Some of those harms include the physical damage to products in the shipping process and the environmental harms.

These eyeliner pens can get damaged by such harm, and it is why they can also do not reduce the amount of raw material to reduce the weight. Therefore, they come up with a cardboard material that is extremely lightweight and durable as well. 

Customized Eyeliner Boxes

Less Space for Product Detailing:

It is a genuine and very old problem of the custom eyeliner boxes wholesale that needs to be made correct. The eyeliner pens are very small and thin. It is why they consume very little space. It also raises the difficulty for brands to display maximum information over the small available space.

However, it is important to aid buyers in the retail stores by attracting them and providing them essential information. Therefore, they use the available space creatively by adding the additional information in the QR code.

Only the meaningful and most essential information is printed over them, and infographics are also utilized for this purpose.

Packaging Testing Process:

A last challenging step in the production of custom eyeliner boxes USA is their testing before shipping them to the clients. It is very hard to test the packaging in a lab environment where no customers are there to provide feedback.

They need to use technology and different techniques to do so. However, all the tests, including printing services tear resistance, burst resistance, humidity resistance, and weight carrying ability, are checked by the latest equipment. Moreover, the help of virtual reality is also availed for this purpose. 

These were some common problems and challenges that are faced during the production of eyeliner boxes. Tackling these problems, brands can avail the best packaging solution that could take their businesses ahead of the competitors. It will put a contribution to the success of brands in the minimum time possible without investing too much in this aspect.

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