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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Fashion Logo Design

by Syed Qasim
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To crush the competition in the fashion industry, it needs to create a band logo that shows the right expression of the brand concept. A tempting logo helps you grab the attention of a more specific audience. Flawless logos show the professionalism and quality of your articles. The Business of Fashion suggests that 75% of buyers prefer window shopping from any brand and want to try a brand after assessing the its core concept by seeing the logo. When you create the logo using Premiumlogodesign avoid using too many fonts, elements, and sharp angles that reduce the quality of the logo.

Leading Mistakes to Avoid in a Fashion Brand’s Logo

Logos are the first thing that buyers see, so that is why it should be attractive and charming. An unmatched logo builds a unique identity of your brand in the competitive world. It also helps to boost your sales. Many websites offer icon templates you can customize as per your business preferences. While creating the logo, avoid the following mistakes.

Lack of Industry Research

Jumping into logo design before doing in-depth research about the market is not a good idea. Because the fashion industry is too vast, it needs to require article category selection before creating the logo. It helps to clarify to the audience what kind of fashion you are going to present, such as Eastern, western, etc. Also, it helps you understand the requirements of your targeted audience.

Poor Color Scheme of Icon

The selection of color combinations should be according to the brand’s concept and theme. Most preferably, go for funky colors for children’s brands, expressive shuttle color for female brands, and space shuttle color scheme for male brands. Try to adopt tried schemes while selecting the color combination.

Lack of Scalability

The fashion brand logos are used across various products, such as websites, bags, perfume bottles, and clothes. When you use a raster image for the logo, it makes the logo inflexible. When you insert the logo on different mediums, the design becomes blur and shadier, which drastically reduces the public’s attention and readability of the logo.

Overly Complex Logo

Another common mistake that needs to be avoided while making the logo more appealing and unique is adding an overly complex illusion to the logo. While creating the icon on the online free logo maker, select the simple and trendy look to make your logo more memorable. Your key audience can easily recognize your brand at first glance. That’s the magic a simple and catchy logo plays.

Ignoring Experts Services

After investing a lot in the brand but creating a brand face, ignoring the expert services is not the right decision. Expert logo designers have extensive experience and know all the latest market trends for better output. They help you create a timeless logo, which helps make your brand image consistent.

Inspired Logo Designs

Another common mistake that is observed in the failure of fashion brands is coping with the competitors’ themes and icons. It makes them a cheap copy of the competitor’s brand. To avoid that, create an innovative design and select patterns and layouts that are quite different.

Ignore the Typography of Icon

To get a professional finished look, use different font styles and sizes in the testing phase. You can select the font style that is preferable according to the structure of the logo. Try to avoid overlying and border-style layouts, which make the logo design outdated.


Logo is a way to build a connection with the wider audiences. It should convey the perfect message to the key audience. You can create an alluring and multicolor logo. One of the significant things is to know the brand and its success goals. Select the symbols, design, and structure to make the logo more appealing.

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