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7 Dressing Tips for Big and Tall Men

by MoralStory Editorial Team
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7 Dressing Tips

Larger boys know the actual challenge of locating outfits in the size they like to wear. Many large and tall guys view shopping frequently as something to avoid. Suppose you fall under the big and tall category. In that case, it can be rather challenging to discover a great selection of items in your size. But huge men’s clothing doesn’t have to be uninteresting or baggy.

For the plus-sized man, there are many fashionable options available; all you need to know is how to wear them. You may master both comfort and elegance with smart dressing, regardless of your physique, whether it be broad shoulders, barrel chests, extra tall, petite, and stocky, or just proudly growing that dad bod.

This article’s helpful tips for navigating your style will help you relieve some of this aggravation.

Wear Custom Tailored Clothes

Understand that fashion serves many purposes, and you must not ignore it. Avoid the temptation to cover up your form with baggy, ill-fitting clothing because doing so will only make you appear sloppy and bulkier.

Conversely, tight apparel will draw attention to those bothersome issue areas. Instead, find your ideal fit in fitted clothes that don’t cling to your curves but rest gently on your body.

Generally, there must always be some space in the torso underneath your tee or shirt. Make sure you can freely move your arms without putting undue pressure on the buttons. Below the knee, pants should taper somewhat. They’re not the right pair for you if you find it challenging to take a seat without them digging into your thighs or waist.

Your Fashion Ally is Modest, Plain Colors.

Clear neutrals are the big man’s best friend in fashion because bigger frames already draw attention. That doesn’t mean you have to wear all black all the time. Dark navy blue, chocolate brown, olive green, and charcoal gray can all have that magical slimming effect.

Solid yellow, burgundy, and pastel blue hues can also look fantastic on larger frames. Just remember not to put them on at once.

Wear Suits and Jackets

When you can, it’s always more attractive for a big man to wear a jacket. The purpose of the contemporary suit jacket is to level the body. Every man’s figure is transformed into a squared-off hourglass, with broad shoulders and a slightly tapered waist that flares out again in the back.

There are many variants on that subject, but the main idea is that you should wear the shape because it looks good on you.

A single-breasted suit with low buttons and a deep “V” shape at the front looks best on a tall, broad-shouldered man. The jacket should be long enough in the rear to cover the buttocks’ curve and loose enough, so the button doesn’t strain.

Jackets with two vents are the finest option for larger guys because they provide the best hang in the back and greater flexibility to the front and sides of the jacket.

For a more proportionate appearance, look for jackets with more prominent elements than the standard off-the-rack ones, such as pockets and lapels. To avoid having your coat appear stretched to accommodate a more petite man, you need wide pockets as a big and tall man.

Closely tailored and largely unpadded shoulders are ideal. The ideal option, in this case, is again solid dark colors. If you want to jazz it up, add a patterned necktie.

Wear the Right Fabrics 

Wear the Right Fabrics 
Image Source: Pexels

Finding textiles that fit your shape can be a process if you’re a larger man. If the material is too thick, it will add bulk to your structure; if it is too thin, it will stick to any curves and bumps.

Smooth, strong, and long-lasting natural materials like denim, lightweight knits, silk, oxford cloth, or twill are your best bets. They are hefty enough to offer shape without increasing volume and light enough to hang well on the body.

Wear Accessories

When you go shopping, accessories are probably the last thing on your mind, but remember that the little details elevate an attire from ordinary to outstanding. Similar to tailoring, where a fraction of an inch may make all the difference, the same principle holds for accessories. 

Any outfit is improved with a well-positioned handkerchief, expressive sock, or badass watch. It is particularly true for larger men’s fashion, where their apparel selection may be constrained.

When expressing your distinctive sense of personal style, accessories can significantly assist. Take a break and go to the shoe area if you need more creativity after shopping and find it challenging to discover intriguing and fashionable items in your size. You can look at the scarves, wallets, watches, socks, belts, and suspenders.

Ask yourself how you may add a little of your unique style to that plain white tee as you consider the foundational pieces you’ve located in your size. It could be as easy as a unique belt buckle or a pair of socks in a bold color.

Wear a Hat

One of those fantastic fashion items, hats can transform nearly anything into a beautiful outfit.

You can show that you made more than the bare minimum effort to get dressed by donning a fashionable hat. That immediately dispels any notions that you are big or lazy.

A big hat also gives you a little more vertical space, which might be advantageous for well-built people. The hat’s crown slightly stretches your height, which also helps to distribute your weight evenly.

Groom your Facial Hair

A well-groomed beard all around the chin and cheeks can significantly assist in building up a soft-faced man’s features without coming off as department shop Santa.

You must be diligent about upkeep in this situation. A large man with a well-groomed beard will be regarded as fashionable. Conversely, a large man with unruly facial hair or a wavy neck beard will be viewed as a slob. If you wish for people to take you seriously, you can’t get away with having untidy facial hair.

Dressing Attractive 

Dressing Attractive 
Image Source: Pexels

It’s not all that different when dressing nicely for a large man and any other body type. It primarily depends on being truthful about your body and having the patience to wait for garments to fit correctly.

No matter your weight, you’ll seem neat, attractive, and well-built if you’re ready to choose the styles that suit your body type and have them correctly altered to fit.

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