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7 Benefits of Investing in Robust Industrial Security Systems

by Syed Qasim
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Want to prevent burglaries or other crimes? Install a CCTV system. Studies have proven that this is the most powerful deterrent against crime–better than alarm systems or motion-activated lights.

Industrial security systems are a must-have for any business. Sadly, though, they cost an arm and a leg in hardware and manpower. The parsimonious business owner might settle for spiked fences and floodlights–a big mistake, in truth.

Not yet convinced it’s worth it? By the end of this article, you’ll know why a commercial security system is not optional. Keep reading for the seven benefits you get from security system installation.

1. Industrial Security Systems Prevent False Claims

Everyone has heard at least one story of a serial fraudster. You know the type: a crossing pedestrian who fakes getting hit by a passing car. Those same individuals will flock to a business with no obvious security systems.

Faking an injury is only the beginning. They could just show an injury and claim it happened on your property. Then boom, an injury claim case begins.

LiveSmart security systems disprove any ruse just by hitting “play.” With video evidence, the judge will throw out the case immediately. There will be no wasted lawyer fees, nor payouts made, and no more headaches.

2. They Keep Your Employees Honest

Tons of shenanigans happen when the manager is offsite. Employees steal, play hooky, or waste time. Those are only the small fish, though.

What if an employee causes serious trouble? Suppose they don’t follow protocol during production. As a result, machines break to the tune of thousands of dollars.

This sort of negligence requires video evidence for insurance claims. An existing business security system provides that. Plus, it’s well-known that employees behave better when they know they’re being watched.

3. They Provide Security System Integration

Back in the day, security systems were very, very dumb. Take, for example, a window-breaking alarm. It makes a loud noise, sure, but it’s completely useless unless someone hears it.

Modern security system integration helps individual security components to talk. The lights, alarms, and cameras are all on the same subnet. If something happens with one system, that information passes on to the other systems.

This creates a robust, heavily-integrated security solution. You can access this system from a single place–or any place, really. Integrating new systems into it has never been easier.

4. They Help Investigate Insurance Claims

Suppose an employee suffers an injury while on the job. Worker’s compensation is a very serious issue. Especially because it involves a lengthy insurance claim process.

Insurance companies love to play cat and mouse. They’ll demand every scrap of evidence that could possibly exist. Lacking one critical piece, they could deny a claim outright.

Surveillance footage is often irrefutable in court. Likewise, it serves as no-nonsense proof to even the most despicable insurance claim adjuster.

5. They Prevent Insider Crime

Sometimes, employees are the reason you experience a break-in. They leave the back door propped open or disable one of the alarms. Then their friends slip inside, and they split the pull later.

The problem is insider crime is often not the first suspicion. It’s easy to fly under the radar as an employed accomplice. If you do get caught, you can explain it away as an unintentional mistake.

Good security systems make this possibility next to zero. First of all, modern systems use privilege-based authorization to alter security parameters. An employee would have to be exceptionally sneaky to get away with it.

Second, the existence of a more complex system is a better deterrent. Chances are much slimmer that they will even attempt it in the first place. It’s security theater, a tried-and-tested psychological barrier against crime.

6. They Can Prevent Asset Damage

So far, we’ve only discussed security threats from human beings. What about when the building itself is a threat?

Take, for example, a broken pipe. It can quickly flood the building, leading to thousands in damages.

This could happen on a Friday night. Come Monday morning, the only option left is to cry.

Fires are also a potentially business-ending disaster. All it takes is an electrical shortage when no one is around. In a matter of hours, your warehouse becomes ashes.

Security systems help maintain a building’s integrity above all else. They give you an eyewitness on the scene any time of day, no matter where you are. You can avert a lot of liability just by being on top of such developments.

7. They Offer Peace of Mind

So far, we’ve only discussed practical matters. Sometimes, though, the security system serves a deeper purpose. That is, it relieves you of a ton of baseline anxiety.

The challenge with being a business owner is often the mental toll. Employees clock out at five and forget about the business. You, on the other hand, have in on your thoughts 24/7.

Every second of every day, you are “on the clock.” There are multiple levels to the sort of stress you have to deal with. Managerial tasks, compliance issues, accounting troubles, the list goes on.

Therefore, a security system gives you one less thing to worry about. It’s a reliable asset that frees you up for more important things.

Get Your Security System Today

Industrial security systems do a lot more than deter the average criminal. They help with insurance claims, prevent fraud, and provide irrefutable evidence where necessary. Additionally, they double as asset monitoring tools–and provide peace of mind.

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