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6 Simple But Valuable Tips To Optimize Amazon Keywords For Better Sales

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Last modified on November 13th, 2021 at 12:49 pm

6 Simple But Valuable Tips To Optimize Amazon Keywords For Better Sales

Understand the most effective solutions to improve your Amazon business using keyword optimization. Keep reading to find out what they are!

It is common knowledge that A9 – Amazon’s algorithms – takes keywords seriously when it comes to product ranking. The more relevant your keywords are, the more chances your landing page will climb up the search result page. Therefore, it should be no surprise that most Amazon retailers would go to great lengths to invest in keyword optimization.


If you are one of them, make sure to check out the following advice. Below are the top six ways to maximize the quality of your keywords and ensure their top-notch performance for your Amazon store.

Product Title 

Arguably the most vital component to be considered by the host engine, the title of your product listing strikes the first impression with potential customers and determines whether they would click on your displayed content or not. 

Thus, it is wise for you to include as many important details as possible in the title. The product and its brand name are the two irreplaceable factors. Next up, you need to describe the unique selling points of this offer by highlighting the most notable features, color, material or ingredient, size, or quantity (if there is any.)

While the title has to be informative and indicative of the mentioned product, you might want to stay away from keyword-stuffing. Cramming too many terms into a sentence leads to incoherence and confusion, which is off-putting for any shopper.

And remember, your title has to be within 250 characters. Since there is a limit on how many words are available, be selective about what deserves a spot and whatnot.

Seller Name

If your store focuses solely on one line of products only, consider using the product name as part of the seller account. For example, if you sell jewelry, a store called “Anne’s Jewelries” would definitely earn a desirable ranking when a random Amazon user types in “fashionable jewelry for women.”

However, alternating the seller name to have an edge in Amazon’s SERPs is not a viable tactic for all businesses.

Some of them have a wide range of items on display and cannot pin their entire catalog on one single product. Others have already established a reputation with their ages-old brand name and only use Amazon as one of many selling venues. Thus, be careful when you want to apply this strategy to your marketing plans.

Backend Keywords


Amazon backend keywords tend to be overlooked even by the most experienced digital marketers. However, the changes they might bring about for your Amazon listing’s visibility are no joke.

While these phrases are not viewable to the average customer, A9 still considers them when calculating the quality of your landing page.

Similar to the product title, Amazon allows sellers to insert 250 characters at maximum in the backend. If you have no idea how to maximize this data, stick to these small tips. To find more information about the importance of branding, you should try Zonbase Software for Amazon sales.

  • Stay away from punctuation: There is no need to use commas, exclamation points, or question marks. Amazon does not care about them, as a space between two neighboring keywords is enough.
  • Avoid keyword-stuffing: Unlike SEO, Amazon is pretty lax about the frequency of your keywords. Whether you mention them once or twice will not matter, as long as you did bring them up. 
  • Be diverse: Dedicating half of the available characters to paraphrase a particular word robs you the chance of expanding the reach. Instead, try to mention variations of as many different words as possible. 
  • No quotation marks needed: As far as meaning is concerned, quotation marks do not make or break your keywords. So why use them in the backend, especially when they count for the character limit?
  • Take advantage of misspellings: Many common products are better known in their incorrect forms. Earphones are sometimes mistaken for “earrphones.” People wanting to buy jewelry may end up typing “jelwery” in the search field. Jump at this opportunity and insert some of the most persistent spelling mistakes.

Product Description

This is the place where customers turn to for more insights into your products before their final decision. Hence, it is your job to make sure the ad copy remains concise and info-packed.

Do not fall into the trap of using walls of text. Instead, keep each paragraph within 3-5 lines for the highest readability. You can even insert photos and images to illustrate the unique selling points of what your business has to offer. 

And, of course, do not forget to include your primary keywords inside. Remember, Amazon does not function like SEO. A single mention is enough to catch the attention of A9, so no need to bring up the keywords repeatedly.

Bullet Points

Amazon Keywords


Bullet points do not vary significantly from the product description in terms of purposes. But thanks to their being scannable, many customers prefer reading through the bullet points for a quick recap of the most noticeable traits of your products.

Since the bullet points essentially explain why your item is better compared to other competitors, you should feature the most outstanding characteristics, as well as its specifications. Again, subtly put in your keywords so that they actually blend in with the overall message.

Brand Field

The brand name of your product will be featured at the top of the product landing page. Amazon will also include internal links that lead to similar items from the same brand if customers care to click on them.

Therefore, make sure that your products are listed under the correct brand. Not only does it increase the visibility of your listing, but it also reinforces the legitimacy of your store.


Optimizing Amazon keywords to increase your business sales can be a daunting task, especially for people with no previous experience in the field. If you are one of the novice marketers, do not hesitate to visit the website for more advice and guidelines on how to maximize the use of keywords. 

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