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5 Women’s Intimate Hygiene Products You Must Try In 2023

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Women’s Intimate Hygiene Products

Every woman knows the struggle to find good intimate hygiene products, especially when she’s on her period. Fortunately, today women have a wide range of choices when it comes to keeping their intimate areas clean.

In fact, the global feminine hygiene product market was expected to reach nearly 40 billion dollars in 2020. So if you’re wondering which products to try out, here is a list for you!

1. Incontinence pads

A lot of women are actually unaware of what incontinence pads are. Well, they fall somewhere between regular pads and panty liners.

These special pads help with bladder leakage by converting the liquid to gel and locking it within the pad itself.

Additionally, they help mask the odor and are lightweight and user-friendly.

Depending on the kind of leakage you have, most incontinence pads are light, frequent, and heavy.

The heave-leakage pads are mostly used when you’re traveling long distances or sleeping at night. You can get over the worry of leakage and enjoy your ride or sleep peacefully while you have it on!

2. Menstrual cup

Menstrual cups are the latest rage among women’s intimate products, thanks to their versatility and ability to last for a long time.

These cups are typically used during menstruation, and they hold the period blood for about 7-8 hours until they can be emptied, washed, and inserted again.

But all menstrual cups aren’t the same; there are different varieties based on your flow, sensitivity, materials, and so on. Moxie menstrual cup is one product that offers you a wide variety based on all the different needs at low prices.

You can also seek cruelty and plastic-free options, which makes it the best option among other brands.

3. Intimate wash

Simply using panty liners isn’t enough. An intimate wash is necessary if you wish to maintain proper hygiene in your intimate areas.

Several brands are out there in the market, and all of them come with special features. For example, a good hygiene wash maintains the pH levels in your special places, which is slightly acidic and doesn’t burn your skin.

However, be sure to purchase one that has no fragrance or strong chemicals. This wash also prevents dryness, itchiness, and irritation, especially after your monthly periods.

Use an intimate wash at least once a day to promote the growth of healthy bacteria and kill the harmful ones. But, of course, it’s always better to seek your doctor to figure out what works best for you!

4. Flushable toilet seat covers

Well, this product isn’t only restricted to women but is really useful. If you hate the idea of using public restrooms due to infections, then a flushable toilet seat cover is just what you need.

All you have to do is place the seat cover in such a way that the flap is faced inside. Then, after you finish your business, you can easily flush it down.

Most of these seat covers are made of biodegradable materials like virgin wood pulp, so they won’t clog up the toilets or cause any negative impacts on the environment.

What’s more, you can easily carry a few in your pocket discreetly so that no matter where you are, you won’t have to skip the bathroom breaks.

5. Intimate wet wipes

A lot of times, you might be unable to use an intimate wash due to the unavailability of water. In these circumstances, a pack of intimate wipes will be your best friend.

You’ll feel the same refreshing effects as that of an intimate wash and won’t have to compromise on your hygiene too. Nowadays, these wipes are free of alcohol or harsh reagents.

You can comfortably use them without causing an adverse reaction to your sensitive areas. In fact, many of them use aloe vera juice or similar healing oils to provide relief and comfort.

You might even find special intimate wipes for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, so make sure you choose the right ones for yourself.

Over to you…

When it comes to your health, you must never compromise with the items that you use. So try out this list of five top intimate hygiene products, and never worry about your private areas again!

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