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5 Types of Cat Litter: Which is Best?

by Abdus Subhan
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Cats have an innate desire to bury their waste. So before using the litter box, they will dig and scratch around. This way, diseases are stopped from spreading from one cat to another. 

Litter box duty is an important yet dreadful part of cat ownership. The mess and stink cats leave tend to get quite annoying. However, this can all be controlled using the right type of litter. Keep your cat’s litter boxes clean to encourage regular use and not use other parts of your house as a restroom.

With all this information about cats and cat litter, how do you know which is best? This guide helps you choose the best cat litter for your feline friend.

Types of Cat Litter

Being a responsible cat owner means giving your cat the best care possible. This includes giving your cat the best quality cat litter there is. Here are five types of cat litter to choose from:

1. Clay Litter

The most popular type of cat litter is clay litter. It comes in different kinds and is widely available in the market. Clay has good odor control and clumps easily, which makes it easy to clean up. Compared to other types, clay litter does not need to be changed frequently.

One downside clay litter has is that it creates more dust than others. This may be harmful to cats and humans with respiratory diseases.

2. Paper Litter

Paper is a very absorbent and non-clumping material. This is a great choice if you are eco-conscious, always traveling, and your cat is recovering from surgery.

Paper litter is more work for the cat owner since this material has less odor control. The recycled paper may become a soggy mess if multiple cats use the same box. It is recommended to change and clean the litter box frequently.

3. Wood Litter

The best cat litter for odor control and absorbency is made of wood. It can absorb urine and give off a nice, all-natural odor at the same time. The wood shavings or pellets are designed to be gentle to the touch, even though wood may sound painful for your cat’s delicate feet. 

If you use wood litter, you will probably need to clean it more often because wood does not clump. 

4. Silica Litter

Despite being a non-clumping litter, silica gel does a superb job of absorbing moisture and decreasing odor since it is a highly absorbent material that can quickly absorb and store any moisture it meets. 

The main disadvantage of silica gel is that it is extremely pricey and requires frequent mixing to disperse the urine for ideal absorption evenly. Some cats also dislike silica gel’s feel on their paws.

5. Walnut Litter

Walnut litter is made up of crushed walnut shells and has very little dust. Walnut litter is environment friendly, doesn’t track across your house, and is gentle on your cat’s paws. 

The disadvantage of walnut is that it does not clump, so you must stir them frequently to ensure the walnut shells can thoroughly absorb the pee.  Walnut litter also tends to be black in hue, making it difficult to find smaller droppings and remove them.

Factors to Choose Your Cat Litter

There are a lot of things to consider when buying cat litter, and it all boils down to preference. But more than the price and availability of cat litter, here are a few factors in choosing cat litter. 

Scented or Unscented

Litter is available in both scented and unscented variants. Although scented litters are made to cover up the smell of the litter box, some cats find strong fragrances repulsive and prefer unscented ones. Unscented cat litter uses carbon and plant extracts to help absorb odors from urine and feces and lessen litter box aromas, keeping you and your cat both pleased.

Clumping or Non-Clumping

Cat litter can either clump or not, which affects how pet owners should clean and dump the litter box. For easy waste removal, clumping litters create scoopable, solid masses. Compared to their non-clumping litter, clumping cat litter offers good odor control and can be replaced less often.

Dust Emission

Dust emission cat litter plays a good role when choosing litter because cats are sensitive to dust. It is preferred to use low-dust or dust-free types of litter to avoid developing respiratory sickness for you and your cat.


While fine-textured litters are preferred by most cats, they have a tendency to stick to the cat’s paws and spread outside the litter box. Many products, especially soft clumping litters, are made to be low-tracking if you want to reduce mess. Pelletized cat litters, such as those composed of paper or wood, are naturally low-tracking.


Biodegradable litter is created from substances that are both environmentally friendly and safe for cats. Sand, paper-based clumping litters, and cat litter manufactured from corn cobs, pine pellets, or wheat straws are all biodegradable litter. They don’t pose any concern to human health or safety if used as intended and disposed of correctly.

Test Your Cat’s Preference

If you want to switch out your cat’s litter or check what he likes best, give different boxes for a short time. Maintain one with the previous kind of litter, and fill the others with other kinds. The variety which your cat favors should become apparent.

Get The Best Cat Litter Now

Cats prefer litter that is easy to dig in and cover their waste. Some may not like sharper granules and ones with a very strong smell. With many products and varieties on the market, it gets quite overwhelming for a cat owner. The main goal here is for your cat to stay litter-trained while giving him the best cat litter. 

With a clean litter box, cats are typically happier and more comfortable. Being clean-living creatures, cats prefer to use a litter box free of waste, odor, and clumping. You must also remember to scoop every day and change out the litter regularly.

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