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5 Simple Ways Anyone Can Move To Canada In 2022

by Kashif Khan
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Last modified on November 26th, 2023 at 3:58 pm

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Canada has always been the top pick when it comes to making a life overseas. Every year, the country welcomes more than 300,000 immigrants, granting them the official Canada immigration visa. As for the year 2022, the official numbers indicate that around 411,000 new immigrant entries are expected in Canada. In addition, the work environment for foreign employees is also very well suited. All these factors contribute to making Canada a great place to immigrate, work, and raise a family.

Moreover, the legal process for immigration is pretty manageable with the help of immigration consultants, making it easy for everyone to apply. However, there are numerous ways to proceed with the Canadian immigration system, which can be confusing sometimes. Therefore, we have listed down the five simple ways anyone can move to Canada as an immigrant in 2022.

Express Entry

Express entry to Canada is the first and most straightforward process for immigration. Under this program, the government invites skilled workers from across the globe to join their workforce. An online fast track system allows skilled workers to submit their applications on the official portal. There are primarily three types of applications accepted under express entry that are:

  • Canadian experience class
  • Federal skilled workers program
  • Federal skilled trades program

Canadian experience class is for the candidates that have previous work experience with an employer within Canada. You will have to show at least three years of experience working in Canada to apply under the Canadian experience class. On the other hand, the federal skilled workers’ program is open to candidates with foreign work experience. In addition, the federal skilled trades program is for workers who are qualified in a skilled trade.

Family Class Sponsorship

This option comes into play when you have a relative who is a permanent resident in Canada. Canadian citizens are allowed to sponsor their relatives to visit Canada. However, your relative must fulfill any one of the below-mentioned conditions to arrange a Canadian immigration visa for you:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or
  • Must be registered in Canada as an Indian under Canadian Indian Act or
  • Must be a permanent resident of Canada

LMIA Based Work Permits

LMIA or labour market impact assessment is a document issued by the government of Canada to an employer within the country. This document allows that particular employer to hire foreign nationals to work for his company. If an employer has a positive LMIA, it means that they were unable to find workers in Canada and thus are now allowed to hire foreign nationals.

 So, if you have an LMIA offer from a Canadian employer, you are allowed to work in the country with certain conditions. Additionally, the LMIA document also allows the employer to support the permanent residency of his employees. Therefore, LMIA based work permits are a viable option to immigrate and work in Canada with a possibility to attain permanent resident status.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Several Canadian provinces invite people to work and live in their regions based on their specific conditions. Each province in Canada has its provincial nominee program to hire skilled workers from different parts of the world. However, you need to have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer to apply under the provincial nominee program, but it is not the case for every PNP. Some of the prominent PNPs within Canada are listed below:

  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Northwest Territories Nominee Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Yukon Nominee Program
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Immigrant Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program is intended to encourage competent business persons who can contribute to Canada’s economic growth by making a significant investment. Investors and their immediate family members who meet all of the requirements of this Canadian immigration program can apply for permanent resident visas in Canada.

Following requirements are needed to be met to proceed with the application under this category:

  • Investor has to prove they have sufficient business experience. One can show that he has owned or operated a registered business employing at least five staff.
  • The investor has to prove that he has the minimum net worth required to proceed with his investment in Canada.
  • They must hand in a pre-specified amount of investment to the Government of Canada, which the government will return after five years.
  • The investor and their family members must meet the health and security requirements for entering Canada.

So, these were the top five ways to apply for a Canadian immigration visa. However, if you want to relocate to Canada, you must select the immigration program wisely after properly evaluating your circumstances and objectives by taking advice from a legitimate immigration consultancy.

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