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5 signs of workplace disability discrimination you must look out for

by Syed Qasim
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Workplace disability discrimination is a serious issue; unfortunately, it affects millions nationwide. This discrimination can take many forms, from not accommodating to providing unequal pay or opportunity. You need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of workplace disability discrimination to protect yourself in case anything wrong ever happens. Thankfully, law experts at Gade & Parekh, LLP have pointed out five signs you should look out for if your rights as an employee living with a disability are violated, and appropriate action may be taken against the perpetrator. Today’s post will explore these five critical signs according to California law – so read on!

1.     Failure to Provide Reasonable Accommodation

One clear sign of workplace disability discrimination is when an employer fails to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. According to California law, employers are legally obligated to make reasonable adjustments that allow disabled employees to perform their job duties effectively. This may include providing assistive technology, modifying work schedules, or physically changing the workplace environment. When an employer refuses or neglects to provide such accommodations, it can be considered a violation of disability discrimination laws.

2.     Unequal Treatment and Harassment:

Another sign of workplace disability discrimination is when disabled employees are treated differently from their non-disabled counterparts. Examples of unequal treatment may include denial of promotions, unfair assignment of tasks, or exclusion from important meetings or events. Additionally, disabled employees may face harassment based on disability, such as offensive comments, jokes, or derogatory slurs. Such behaviour creates a hostile work environment and is strictly prohibited by California law.

3.     Retaliation for Requesting Accommodations:

Employees who exercise their rights by requesting reasonable accommodations may sometimes face retaliation from their employers. Retaliation can manifest in various ways, including negative performance evaluations, demotions, or even termination. California law protects employees from retaliation for asserting their rights under disability discrimination laws. If an employee faces adverse actions after requesting accommodations, it could be a sign of workplace disability discrimination.

4.     Failure to Hire Qualified Disabled Candidates:

Employers are not only legally prohibited from discriminating against qualified job applicants based on their disabilities but also have a moral obligation to provide equal opportunities for all individuals. In California, the law strongly emphasizes ensuring disabled individuals have the same access to employment as their non-disabled counterparts. When an employer refuses to hire a qualified candidate solely due to their disability, it violates California law and perpetuates unfair treatment and marginalization.

Disabled individuals possess a wide range of skills, qualifications, and experiences that make them valuable contributors to the workforce. By denying them employment based on their disabilities, employers disregard their potential and perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigmatization. This discrimination undermines the principles of inclusivity and diversity essential for creating a thriving and equitable work environment.

5.     Inadequate Training and Awareness:

A lack of training and awareness regarding disability discrimination laws among employers and employees can lead to discriminatory practices in the workplace. Employers are responsible for providing education and training to their staff, ensuring they understand and comply with disability discrimination laws. Failure to provide proper training may perpetuate discriminatory behaviours or create a hostile environment towards disabled employees.

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