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5 Braided Updo Ideas for Your Wedding

by Syed Qasim
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Are you planning on getting an updo for your big day? There are plenty of reasons to go for a beautiful updo on your special day for a fancy bridal look.

But with so many wedding hairstyles out there, it can be difficult to figure out what type is right for you. Today, we’re taking a look at five wedding updos with braids. Keep on reading for some inspiration!

1. Classic Braids for a Timeless Look

Classic braids are perfect for achieving a romantic look. To start, ensure your hair is clean and brushed. You may want to use a leave-in conditioner to help create a sleek look.

Once ready, part your hair into a desired section and into two smaller sections. Take the left section, cross it over to the right section, and continue alternating from right to left. Do this until you come to the end; keep it secured by tying the end with a hair tie.

2. Soft and Elegant Chunky Braid

With a chunky braid, you can make a soft, elegant updo that will capture everyone’s interest. Begin by cleansing and blow-drying your hair. Divide the hair into two sections and keep them separate. Start from the back and braid the loosened sections into a basic three-strand braid. Once you reach the top, pull the braid and secure it with a bobbin.

Repeat the same process for the other section and cross the two braids over each other. For extra texture, gently tug the sides of the braid out.

3. Twisted Braided Updos for the Brave Bride

A twisted braided updo is an ideal way for brave brides to display strength and confidence. Start with elastics, which you can purchase from this link:

You will use it to pin the twists and plaits in place securely. Create two braided sections on either side of the head, or start at the crown. Secure them with bobby pins, and then twist them around to the back of the head. Finish the style by adding a few more bobby pins to hold the braid together.

4. Boho-Chic Updos With Intertwined Braids

Intertwined braids for wedding hair styling are a great way to make a statement on the big day. First, begin by parting your hair into two sections at the crown of your head. Next, twist a little part of your left hair under and over itself until it tangles.

Pull the hair to the back and loop it around the second section of your hair. Make sure to secure the ends with an elastic band. You can add waves, curls, flowers, or other embellishments to give your look that extra wow factor.

5. Little Twists and Tiny Cascading Braids

If you are trying to achieve a chic look, you may want to consider this. Begin by separating small sections of the hair and creating small, tight plaits.

Once all the little twists have been made, create a bigger, looser braid by weaving them together. This will create a cascading braid that is unique and eye-catching. For a stunning effect, add tiny curls to the braid and any residual strands.

Your Guide to Wedding Updos With Braids

Wedding updos are an iconic part of the day. We hope we’ve helped you with the hair ideas you can use to achieve a stunning look. So go for wedding updos with braids for your big day!

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