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4 Effortless Optimization Tips for Drupal

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Effortless Optimization Tips – DrupalĀ is one of the second most popular Contents Management systems. It has the proficiency to run blogs, corporate sites, e-commerce stores, etc. Hence, let’s take a closer look at Drupal and its effortless optimization tips. Consequently, you will be able to decide what is more appropriate and how you can attain the most out of it.

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Should You Use It?

Drupal has a lot to offer since it is a CMS, and you can probably never go wrong, selecting it as your CMS choice. If you are building a business website or planning a news portal with multiple authors, Drupal is your best fit. As a Content Management System, you can scale Drupal depending on the needs. It can run on big sites as well as small ones with significant comfort.

However, its unique selling point does not only depends upon its scalability. Unlike most CMSs, Drupal provides SEO features as well as exceptional security settings. You will not even require a dedicated SEO add-on. Hence you will have more time to manage your site and less time to configure such settings. 

Some Effortless Optimization Tips and Tweaks for Using Drupal:

Now that you know the basics of the CMS, here are a few effortless optimization tips to help your Drupal installation work well:

Choose the Reliable Web Host

Without any doubt, web hosting solution matters a lot. While running such a dynamic script as Drupal, your hosting provider should be efficient in handling queries and calls. If a server is overloaded, your website will function poorly. Hence make sure you select a reliable web host that can offer good disk space and bandwidth.

Basic Performance Tips

First, you need to make sure that you are running the latest version of Drupal. Each latest version provides performance enhancements and bug fixation. Running an older version means you are missing out on critical security and performance updates. Moreover, make sure you get templates and add ons from trustworthy sources.

Speed Improvements

You might have come across this often that Drupal is slow by nature. However, it is more of a rumor and less a reality. By taking accurate measures, you can improve the speed, and Drupal can run very fast. Caching is something you definitely need to look into. Drupal provides two types of caching: Page Caching and Views Caching.

Useful Modules

There are some of the Drupal modules which can further increase the overall performance of your site. For example, if your site contains many images, you will need to compress or optimize them to attain faster load time. In such a case, modules such as ImageMagick or Image Optimize can prove to be very useful. Fast 404 is another efficient Drupal module. It can check your site for any 404 errors or dead links. It also helps you to repair them.

Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation is another aspect you should consider for improving the page load time of your website. A particular module aggregates CSS and JavaScript on the web pages so that the code runs faster and more efficiently. As a result, faster page load times lead you to better performance.


The above effortless optimization tips will help you get the best out of Drupal. Moreover, it helps to increase the overall performance of your site! Drupal is a robust, reliable, and secure solution. It has the right set of tweaks and modules to ensure that your site remains fast and free from several issues.

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