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Your Complete Guide to Eyeglasses Care and Repair

by Oscar Leo
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If you wear glasses regularly, you should also learn how to care for and repair your eyeglasses. With proper care and treatment, your glasses will last longer and be best in maintaining good health for your eyes. Knowing how to fix the glasses and some small repair fixtures is a great skill you should learn.

Though all repairs are not that easy and can’t be done by a layman at home, there are some quick fixtures that everyone can try. Below we have shared a complete guide to eyeglasses care that can help you out if you wear glasses regularly.

Which Parts Of Eyeglasses Can Be Repaired?

Before taking care of your eyeglasses, you first need to know which parts can be repaired at home by yourself. Major fixtures of eyeglasses include lens and frame fixtures. But only minor repairs are suggested by yourself; if you have any major repairs, we suggest you consult an optician.

How to Fix Lenses?

The major problem the lenses face is scratches. There are various ways to remove and fix those scratches, but we would discuss only those that are easy to learn and have great success.

Scratch on your vision field is annoying and frustrating; it becomes more annoying if the scratch is in the centre of your lenses. We won’t encourage you to do any lens fixture on your own.

A common practice is DIY, which means don’t do the task yourself; seek a professional who has the experience and can do it in a better way. In contrast, small negligence at your end can cause the problem to become even worse.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you can’t fix it at home. These above were all precautions. You can easily fix your lens scratches by mixing baking soda and toothpaste.

This mixture is then dipped into a microfiber cloth is rubbed over the glass gently in a circular direction. It will not only remove the scratches but also clean up the lenses.

This recommended lens fixture can be applied to all varieties of glasses; you can also fix the lenses of the best fishing sunglasses with this lens fixture.

How to Fix Frame Issues?

Most of the time, our glasses fall from the table or even our hands. It causes damage to the frame. Damage to the frame doesn’t mean that the glasses have now become useless.

A quick fix can be a long-term solution to your broken frame and save you a lot of time. Frame issues are divided into four categories.

1.      Bends

You can avoid bends if you wrap up your glasses with a soft cloth after use. But if still due to some accident’s bends arose in the framing of your glasses, then start with applying a reverse pressure in a direction opposite to the bend.

Make sure to do it with a rubber or plastic plier and if it isn’t available, try it by first rapping your glasses on a soft cloth and bending slightly with your hands.

2.     Broken Bridge

A broken bridge can’t be fixed permanently for a long period. But these can be temporarily fixed and hooked at the place in your difficult times. A broken bridge can be fixed by using a glue gun or any super adhesive that can retain the bridge’s original position.

3.     Inappropriate Jangling Arms

Issues with arms mainly arise due to missing a hinge or screw. We suggest periodically tightening up the screws for maintenance purposes and taking action if things go out. If the arms get broken, you can buy one from the optical store and replace it, which can be done by yourself.

4.    Nose Pads

Nose pads are a very small component of eyeglasses. They are the major element in glasses that bear up the standing load of the whole glass.

So, for their corrective function, we suggest that you periodically inspect them, and if you monitor any near failure cases, then tighten them or replace them.

These nose pads are easily available at different optical stores, and some brands also add an extra pair of nose pads with their glasses.

Final Words

Eyeglasses have become an essential element for those lives who have eyesight problems. Eyeglasses have served as a great go-through. But likewise all otherthings, eyeglasses also need some care for proper function.

Basic care and periodic maintenance can dampen the probability of eyeglasses issues. It is possible to resolve most of the minor repair issues of eyeglasses at home with some basic knowledge. But seeking an optical store is the most recommended way to repair your eyeglasses.

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