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Top tips and ideas for getting the hang of home-schooling – Oxford Education Blog

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Making it a balance between parenting and work-life is indeed the toughest job to do. During the time of the pandemic, it became still manageable for the parents to teach their young children as they were home but before the arrival of COVID-19 and global lockdown, it wasn’t possible. Working from home and being a teacher to your child can be the most challenging activity, and some parents do encounter it.

Not all children are the same. Some would easily sit and enjoy learning at home, while a few would be merely impossible to handle. Every parent has a different experience. Whatsoever your experience of home-schooling has been, whether it was boring, dry, crazy, with the help of these tips and ideas you can prepare yourself with how it’s done and keep yourself updated with your child’s learning as well.

Tips And Ideas To Help You With Home-Schooling

  1. The Resources From School Are The Best Help

You don’t have to get extra resources to teach your child. The school does it all. All the materials are uploaded on google classroom nowadays, or any other group created. And the work of schools doesn’t end on uploading lessons but, there are live classes conducted.

If you aren’t aware of the technology, you may ask the school for references and a hard copy of all the lessons.

  • Create Easiness For Your Child

Don’t forget, before being a teacher to your child, you are a parent. There can be nothing more important for you than his mental satisfaction and comfort. Provide your child with a space for learning. If they ask to let them study alone, let it be. The more peaceful the learning environment it’s, the easier it is for the students to pay attention.

The major conflict occurs when children start imposing their strategies upon their children. For example, your child has got an argumentative essay and struggling to do it. Maybe you are aware and know how it is done, and eventually will discuss and ask them the way you know. However, it’s not important to impose something. You can simply create a discussion and develop an engaging argumentative essay on the specific topic given. Remember, an 18 or 20 years old will never follow the strategies of a 40+ person.

  • Organize Their Day

To make it possible that your child doesn’t miss anything in the day from taking classes to taking a break, make a structure of his day. If it’s his online class or if it’s listening to the recorded live session of the class, make sure it isn’t missed. In organizing things, it isn’t important to make a strict timetable.

The day can be fun if there are some activities involved. Ask them what they have learned after the class, cook their favorite food, ask them to spare some time for the activity they are interested in. It can be painting, singing, cooking, writing, watching TV, playing games, etc. Don’t stop them from having fun if studies are being managed.

  • Motivation And Appreciation Can Work Like Magic

According to research, children respond fast and become quick to learn more quickly when they are motivated and appreciated. Even though your child is making errors, don’t always pinpoint him. Guide him and praise him for the good work instead. Respect their opinions, ask them, make them feel they are an adult now and you consider it.

This may sound okay to you, but actually, it can work like magic for your child. Build a positive relationship with your child and you will see your home learning being more effective than textbooks and online learning.

  • Avoid Overthinking!

It’s important to maintain the happiness of your child. If your child has shared his confusion regarding his PhD dissertation, you aren’t supposed to panic about the situation. Rather, you can ask him to contact a PhD dissertation proposal help so insist your child please go there and take help in PhD dissertation that he can get relaxed. Other than this, if he has only spent only a few hours in studies as compared to watching television, then also don’t get harsh on him.

Final Thoughts,

Other than teachers, parents are the one who serves the role of teachers in their lives. Therefore, it is important to create an atmosphere of healthy learning and to be a friend to your child with whom they can discuss all matters. Create your home-schooling an effective one for your child.

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