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Why Choose The Rocky Mountain Train?

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The Rocky Mountain Train?

The luxurious Rocky Mountaineer tourist train service runs between western Canada and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. A few of the spectacular landscapes the train passes through while crossing North America include the Canadian Rockies, Fraser Canyon, and the coastal rainforests of British Columbia. The Rocky Mountain train has many lines that offer a variety of scenery and experiences. The Rocky Mountaineer is frequently chosen by tourists seeking a unique and pleasant way to experience the stunning natural scenery of the Canadian West.

  • Routes that offer scenic views: The Rocky Mountain railway transports visitors through some of Western Canada’s most breathtaking and varied landscapes, such as the Canadian Rockies, the Fraser Canyon, and British Columbia’s coastal rainforests. It is the perfect approach to appreciate the area’s natural beauty because the train’s panoramic windows offer unhindered views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Comfort and luxury: The Rocky Mountain train ride offers a variety of accommodations and extras, including fully-reclining seats, private cabins, and roomy, comfortable chairs. There are three different levels of luxury and comfort available to passengers: SilverLeaf, GoldLeaf, and GoldLeaf Deluxe Service. Throughout the flight, travelers in all classes receive delicious meals, drinks, and snacks to keep them nourished and hydrated.
  • Flexibility and customization: The Rocky Mountaineer train gives passengers the option to choose the route and package that best suits their interests and preferences. There are several options available to travelers, and each one offers unique sights and sensations. In addition, the train offers several add-ons, such as helicopter rides, river rafting, and animal safaris, so that passengers can customize their journey to suit their interests.
  • Unique encounters:  Many unique experiences can only be had aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train. Travelers on the Rainforest to Gold Rush line, for instance, can get out at the Whistler station and take a gondola to the summit of Whistler Peak for stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. If you’re looking for a place to rest , you’ll find several Whistler hostels that offer budget-friendly options for your stay. Passengers on the Journey through the Clouds line can get off at the Mount Robson station and have a guided nature walk beneath Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Cultural immersion: The Rocky Mountaineer Canada offers a variety of cultural experiences, including onboard musical performances by local musicians and excursions to historical monuments and centers for indigenous cultures. Passengers can obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage of Western Canada by learning about the history and culture of the area.
  • All-inclusive pricing: There are no additional fees or hidden costs while traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer railway. Without having to worry about additional fees, passengers may take advantage of onboard amenities like lounges, observation decks, and outdoor viewing platforms while also enjoying fine meals, beverages, and snacks.


The Rocky Mountaineer, a lavish rail tour, offers tourists the chance to experience Western Canada’s extraordinary natural beauty and cultural diversity. Canadian train vacations are a terrific alternative to your Canadian rail excursions whether you want to unwind, have fun, immerse yourself in culture, or do all of the above.

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