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Which Quality Of Packaging Boxes You Should Use

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No doubt, the packaging boxes are central to a product’s perceived value as well as the marketing of a brand. But, with an extensive range of them, it often becomes difficult to decide on one box that fits your need. Most of them have several common elements as well, which further complicates the selection process for product manufacturers. What you need to do is to carefully look at their different potentials such as protection, presentation, marketing, etc. After having sound knowledge about these parameters, the process can be made much easier. Let us learn the most common quality packages that provide a greater return on investment. 

Rigid boxes:

The rigid packages are specifically constructed from paperboard that is 4 times the thickness original paperboard. This sturdier construction makes them the best available option for shipping different sorts of merchandise. The real-world example of the company utilizing these packages is Apple. This company utilizes two-piece rigid boxes because of their protective features and premium appearance. Also, they have a non-collapsible nature that makes them a sound option for shipping high volumes of weight. Their sturdiness does not have any impact on their weight, and they reduce the shipping charges for a business. Aside from that, it is much easier to incorporate features such as embossing, debossing, window, and partitions, etc. 

Telescope packages:

These are quality boxes that come in two separate parts, a base and the lid covering the base completely. B So, if your company manufacturers some high-quality and high-end items, they should be your go-to option. These custom boxes give a sort of amazing unboxing feel and elevate the overall experience of the clients. They have enough space on the lid as well as the base that offers the opportunity for printing different technical details. The high-end options such as silver or gold foiling, UV varnishes, and glossy laminations further add to their premium nature. 

Gable top cartons:

The gable-top cartons are multi-layered boxes made up of thick cardboard materials. They are best for use when you are specifically dealing with the food items such as milk, fruits, and baked items. This is because they have a unique feature of keeping the food and beverages safe and fresh for a longer period. There is no room for the bacteria, dust, and other such sorts of contaminates to get inside and limit the tastefulness. The best part is that they can be stored in refrigerators to maintain the temperature level of delectable foods. They mostly have a cap at the lid that also acts as the handle for convenient carrying or takeaway. 

Corrugated packaging:

Corrugated packaging, like rigid packages, is also used for shipping purposes, but it has more strength than the latter. It is simply known as cardboard and consists of three layers from which they drive the real sturdiness and strength. Of these layers, one is the outside liner, and one of them is the inside liner. The larger the flute is in size, the more the packaging has compression strength and protection capabilities. It is because of the flute that this packaging is capable of absorbing the external impacts and stay in its original shape.

Folding paperboard packages:

If you do not want your items to appear seemingly plain, these cardboard boxes are the best option that brings creativeness. They up the presentation game of simple items and make them look high-class and glamourous. They have a special feature of allowing you to design them in curvy shapes such as cylindrical, hexagonal, pyramidal, etc. These amazingly shaped packages with the combination of impressive printing instantly grab the attention of customers. One of their impressive features that often go unnoticed is their ability to get recycled numerous times. It means that they constantly expose the people to your branding efforts until they have a life. So, they keep your brand in the head of the clients long after the time the items have been consumed. Another excellent property is their lighter weight that significantly contributes towards the lowering of supply chain costs. 

Flat packed boxes:

The stacking of the packages during the transit process is often a matter of great concern for the companies. They vie to find the appropriate packaging solutions that offer more stacking capacity. Apart from the flattening convenience, they can be recycled as well as they are made from a substrate of Kraft. If you are concerned about the shipping prices and want to project a constructive business side, they are the best. 

What kind of packaging boxes you should choose to depend totally upon you. If they precisely meet your specific prerequisites, select them; otherwise, you have a plethora of options as well.

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