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Where to Camp in Whistler

by RohitMehta
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When people think of Whistler, British Columbia, they probably get what you’d expect is the quintessential vision of Canada: rustic yet sleek homes and lodges set against the dramatic backdrop of the ski slopes on the mountains covered in evergreen trees.

That’s Whistler for you. People flock there for the skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and camping.

We did mention camping, didn’t we? Well, we hope so, because that is the subject of this particular post: camping in Whistler.

Camping is for some people and not for others. Some people would never be caught anywhere near the idea of sleeping and living in nature for a few days. For other people, it’s just a way of life.

If you belong to the latter group, where camping is just in your blood, then maybe you’d enjoy checking out some of the real estate for sale in Whistler just so you can always be near this beautiful wilderness.

To that end, here are three Whistler camping ideas to get you started.

Riverside RV Resort and Campground

If Whistler Village is where locals and visitors alike gather to shop, eat, and socialize, then the Riverside RV Resort and Campground is its next-door neighbor. You just travel a few kilometres out of the Village and you’re at the campgrounds.

The site is absolutely gorgeous, located along the picturesque Fitzsimmons Creek. You can bring your own tents and use the shared restrooms and showers or drive your RV in to make use of the full-service campsites.

Cabins and yurts are also available if that’s more to your liking. Either way, you can’t go wrong at Riverside.

Cal-Cheak Recreation Site

The natural beauty of the Whistler area just goes on and on, and nowhere is that more evident than in the gorgeous forests of the Cal-Cheak Recreation Site of southern Whistler.

More than 50 campsites are available in the site’s set-aside forested areas. You can check out the local Cheakamus River and enjoy some serious hiking trails when you stay at Cal-Cheak. You’ll feel pretty rustic at this site, not only because of your surroundings but also because things are kept simple here: no cabins or yurts as in Riverside. Instead, you get latrines, firepits, and not much else.

But if camping for real is for you, you’re really going to love Cal-Cheak.

Wedgemount Lake

The last Whistler-area campsite we’ve covering here is Wedgemount Lake. It’s set about 13 kilometres above the town of Whistler, but that’s really not too far out of civilization if that kind of thing worries you.

Here’s the scoop on Wedgemount Lake camping: this glacial lake is a beautiful sight to behold. Its blue water framed against the rough and rocky mountains that surround it makes for great photo opportunities.

Even more dramatic is the fact that the campsites here are located right alongside the lake, and get this: they’re all tent pads. You’ll have to reserve one of the 20 pads in advance and then hike 7 kilometres up a steep incline even to reach the lake.

Once you get there, you’ll be in the true wilderness, with no amenities or services even as simple as a trash can. Sure, you’ll be living next to the lake for a few days, but please remember to keep the area clean when you leave.

There you have it: three camping sites near Whistler to get you thinking about where to start reserving once you move to this beautiful area of British Columbia!

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