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Where to Buy Popular and Adequate Packaging Solutions?

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Where to Buy Popular and Adequate Packaging Solutions?
Making an informed choice with respect to a product to be packaged is crucial. Every product is different and should be dealt with differently. Whenever the packaging of any product is concerned, the packaging company needs to understand the nature of the product, its needs, demands, and its target audience in order to encase the product in such a packaging solution that conforms with the product. tuck top boxes

Similar is the case with Tuck top boxes. Before moving onto the description of different tuck boxes and when they should be used, let us first describe what a tuck box is. Tuck boxes are made out of materials like cardboard, paper, or rigid stacking, Forming the bottom part of the ‘box’. This is followed by a flap that is present on the top, Bottom, or both ends of the box.

It is one of the most commonly used packaging designs in the market due to its simplicity and ability to cater to a variety of products. The flap and box style eases the process of taking out the product and putting the product back in the box, ensuring its maximum safety. Since handling products with ease and providing maximum protection is the end goal of most packaging solutions,

Tuck top boxes gain such massive stature among all the packaging solutions. In contrast to other packages, tuck top boxes’ wholesale prices are seen as one of the main features that make them alluring. Whereas, some companies provide prices equivalent to the tuck top boxes wholesale price and hence, prove to be one of the most influential companies providing packaging solutions.

Tuck top boxes come in a variety of styles and designs. The choice of these different designs depends upon the kind of product that has to be packaged inside. Does the product need to have a flapper above or a flapper below? What is the requirement of the product and the customers that is ultimately going to determine the kind of Tuck top box to be chosen?

Some of the most commonly used Tuck top designs are as follows:
Straight Tuck boxes: Straight tuck boxes are one of the most commonly used tuck box designs in the market. In this tuck box, the flappers on the top and the bottom of the box fold into the box, giving a company plenty of space to strategize the branding of the product through the clear external side of the box.

Reverse Tuck boxes: In these kinds of Tuck boxes, the flappers are designed in such a manner that they open in opposite directions. For example, if one flap opens in a certain direction, the other flap shall open in a different direction.

Lock Bottom Tuck boxes: As the name suggests, these tuck boxes aim towards providing an increased strength at the bottom of the box. Therefore, the flappers interlock with each other at the bottom, customized in a durable material. This provides extra safety and protection to your product at the bottom. It is used for such products whose bottom parts are heavier and need to be protected, for example, A candle or a perfume.


Certain confectionary products are in high demand. This demand either owes to their delicious taste or proves to be one of the most popular products that can be gifted. This kind of demand and a thorough understanding of the audience make manufacturing and producing packaging solutions for such products easier.

Custom truffle boxes are therefore in high demand in the market. Hence, let us point out some of the most common factors that are necessary for custom truffle boxes. Depending upon the size and quantity of candy or chocolate you want to add to your truffle box, the actual size of the box should be devised. Progressively, upon the need and demand of the customers and the nature of the candy or chocolate to be enclosed, Inserts are added or not. Lastly, The box is designed with beautiful illustrations, colors schemes, and text, which markets the brand’s image and acts as a means of marketing and branding.


Looking for a company that can understand your packaging needs, provides you with an impeccable packaging. Fix in addition to being economically feasible? With the provision of excellent and remarkable packaging and printing services by The Legacy Printing, you can stop looking and start ordering.

The company provides its services all across the US. The orders are delivered on time as directed by the clients. It is among the few companies in the US that can deliver an order in only 7 business days. If the order is placed on the emergency delivery option. This is one of the defining factors for the company since the standard time. For the delivery of orders among all other packaging companies ranges between 10-12 working days.
The creative team is highly skilled and efficient. They completely understand what the client wants and what the product demands.

The company’s box manufacturers have a flair for the production of good-quality boxes. They are able to completely understand the design put forth by the creative team and hence. End up creating the best possible packaging box. Apart from that, the box manufacturers also play a role in putting forth their ideas. In accordance with their experience in front of the creative team, Which is why the design serves to be the perfect packaging solution.
Legacy Printing is also known for its high-quality. Printers and production of breathtaking designs. The printers make use of resources of top-notch quality, increasing. The beauty of the already mesmerizing designs made by graphic designers.

So, if you have packaging needs that require assistance, wait no more. Contact the company right away and rid yourself of all the worries.

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