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When Is the Best Time to Take Buggy Tours?

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Best Time to Take Buggy Tours

Riding in an open-air buggy allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery and discover new places while feeling every thrilling bump in the road. With so much to see and experience, when is the best time to take one of these memorable adventures?

The great thing about buggy tours is that they can be enjoyed year-round. However, some seasons and weather conditions are better suited for open-air rides than others. For the most comfortable and visually stunning trip, consider the season, day, and even time when embarking on a buggy tour.

The Best Seasons for Buggy Tours

Spring and Fall for Comfort

While buggy tours operate throughout most of the year, spring and fall offer the most comfortable conditions. Summer’s sweltering heat and humidity can cut a trip short. Similarly, extremely cold winter temperatures limit enjoyment. Buggies often zip along at high speeds, amplifying outside conditions.

Spring and fall offer pleasant weather, free from temperature extremes. Skies tend to be brighter and clearer as well. For relaxing rides surrounded by nature’s beauty, spring and fall are ideal seasons. Cool breezes offset the sun’s warmth, while jackets keep off the chill at higher speeds or during dips in sunlight. Fewer crowds and seasonal discounts make spring and fall smart choices too.

Summer and Winter for Uniqueness

Although more intense, summer and winter shouldn’t be ruled out when considering a buggy tour. Summer’s warmth allows for extended daylight hours, translating to extra time exploring. Winter offers unique scenery as snow drapes across open land and trees. Just be sure to check regional weather forecasts and dress appropriately for trips during these seasons. Know your limitations if you are susceptible to conditions like extreme heat, cold, or fatigue.

With sweeping snowy vistas in winter and lush greenery during summer, these seasons offer one-of-a-kind experiences. You might even prefer slightly more extreme temperatures for faster buggy rides. Well-planned tours accounting for seasonal challenges can make summer and winter rewarding times for adventurous travelers. Just prepare for diverse conditions compared to spring and fall.

The Best Time of Day for Buggy Tours

Morning and afternoon adventures

Buggy tours can take place any time, day or night. But to fully enjoy diverse terrain and scenery, aim for trips to take place during daylight hours. Sunrise and sunset tours are stunning, but partial light reduces visibility over uneven trails. Luckily, most companies concentrate their operating hours within daylight timeframes.

Milder temperatures make morning or afternoon prime times for lengthy routes with more stops. Sunrise trips need to wrap up by early afternoon before the heat intensifies. Sunset tours typically begin a few hours before dusk. Scheduling tours for the morning or afternoon takes advantage of peak daylight. This also avoids the hottest, coldest, darkest, and wettest extremes that challenge visibility and comfort.

Peak viewing opportunities

Buggy tours often traverse remote areas far from main roads and dense tree cover. Taking advantage of peak foliage and wildlife viewing times transforms any basic route into a vibrant adventure. Schedule autumn tours to catch fall colors as leaves burst into vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. See adorable baby animals emerge with their mothers during springtime as nature renews itself. Witness nature’s quiet splendor draped in snow under blue winter skies. Even summer’s lively green grass and trees under extended daylight glow beautifully. Whenever you take a tour, keep an eye out for seasonal plants and animals that enrich your one-of-a-kind experience.

Special Events and Holidays

Consider scheduling buggy tours around annual events or holidays for extra excitement. Tour companies often run special trips before or during major regional happenings. Enjoy a tour before a fair, festival, or sporting event without parking hassles. Holiday tours like Halloween rides through “haunted forests” or Christmas trips to “visit Santa” add festive themes. Tours during annual migrations, breeding seasons, harvest times, or other natural phenomena provide rare, occasional chances for should-not-miss memories. Calling ahead for event or holiday tour options can make your buggy trip even more special.

Nighttime Adventures

Daytime’s scenery makes sunrise-to-sunset tours smart choices for first-timers. But nighttime tours introduce entirely new realms of beauty and exploration. As darkness descends, you might catch magical moonlit skies illuminating the landscape in alternative hues. Gaze at stars popping against black skies for views impossible during daylight. Some regions even offer special nighttime events like symphonies syncing lighting displays to music. If you’re unafraid of dark trails, don’t overlook scheduling a special nighttime-only buggy tour for rare after-hours experiences.

Private Tours

Beyond saving money by sharing buggies with strangers, group tours make meeting like-minded adventurers part of the fun. But private buggy tours mean personalized routes catering exactly to your interests over generic paths. Stop wherever you are compelled without others rushing you along. Listen to guides explaining details meaningful just for your family or friends without boring unrelated passengers. Private tours also reduce pandemic risks and allow more control over the safety precautions taken. If you’re craving a fully customized buggy trip just for you, splurge on a private tour.

Off-Road Upgrades

Standard buggy tours bounce along dirt trails and gravel lanes through fields, forests, and flat lake beds. But some companies offer extreme off-road upgrades, letting you tackle steep hills, muddy trenches, river crossings, and rocky terrain. Strap into heavy-duty restraints and gear up for rip-roaring, heart-pounding rides most standard tour vehicles cannot traverse. While costing extra, off-road upgrades transform sightseeing trips into thrilling rollercoasters amidst nature’s beauty. Just prepare for rougher, wilder rides covering less distance at slower overall speeds when selecting this extreme option.


Buggy tours let you venture through meadows, forests, valleys, deserts, and more in rugged open vehicles. With so many incredible places to experience year-round, deciding precisely when to take a tour is part personal preference and part practical considerations around weather, daylight, and crowds. To make the most of your investment, aim for a tour in the spring, fall, morning, or early afternoon for comfort and ideal visibility. But any chance to ride through gorgeous landscapes shouldn’t be missed. So bundle up in the winter or hydrate in the summer to create unforgettable memories in a fun buggy. Just plan carefully to maximize scenery and adventure based on seasonal realities. Then get ready to be awestruck while riding through nature’s wonders any time of year.

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