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What makes a moroccan berber rug so unique?

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Moroccan Berber rugs are very popular among people globally. They got their name because of the Berber tribes. These rugs are hand-woven by Usually by women from berber tribes who excel in their skill. 

The wool of a special type of sheep species found on Atlas Mountain is used in Moroccan rugs. They are preferred by many people because of their unique features and eye-catching designs. 


Let’s have a look at some of the features of Berber rugs that make them special and unique. 

  • Type of wool 

The type of fuel used in the Moroccan rugs is considered the finest full present on the planet. It is pure wool derived from the special species of sheep. It is also said that the wool for Berber rugs is extracted from the head of the Sheep because it contains deep brown wool which is very unique and rare. 

The texture of this wool is very beautiful and soft. No one can resist the Moroccan Berber rug after using it because of its delicate and soft texture. 

  • Natural dyes

It takes quite a lot of time and experience to make natural dyes for the rug. A team of experts is hired to make natural dyes for Moroccan Berber rugs which add to the quality of it. 

Natural dyes are very different from synthetic dyes in many ways this is why it makes the quality of rugs very special. In fact, because of the natural dyes used Moroccan Berber rugs are very expensive. They are admired by a large number of people because of the natural material used in making the rugs.

  • Easy to clean

Moroccan Berber rugs are made up of natural Material by hand which is why it is very easy to clean the rugs. You can easily clean them by hand with cold water and any type of detergent or soap. 

They are easy to maintain and take care of as the products used in them are natural and long-lasting. Even after washing it multiple times they will not get damaged or lose their quality. You do not require hiring an expert for cleaning them which is another feature of the Moroccan burger rugs. People prefer it because of its easy maintenance and usage.

  • Eye-catching styles and designs

berber carpets come in many styles and designs which are very unique and eye-catching. People prefer them because of the natural and beautiful patterns as they are hand-woven. 

Moroccan Berber rugs have a beautiful texture featuring amazing designs with the best quality. They come in both modern and traditional designs so that everyone can choose according to their requirement and desire.

Final thoughts:

Moroccan Runner Rugs are very unique because of their multiple features. They are made up of the best quality wool which is durable and easy to clean. It is preferred by people all across the world because of the beautiful and eye-catching designs along with luxury and comfort. 

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