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What Kind of Physical Touch Would Absolutely Destroy You

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What kind of physical touch would absolutely destroy you? You can literally die by touching Fentanyl, according to drug officials.

There are many lethal objects in the world that can harm you upon merely touching them such as snake venom and cactus but have you ever thought beyond this and wondered if there’s something that can kill you if you just touch it once?

To Answer that question, we headed deep into the internet and watched documentaries where people were face-to-face with some of the most venomous snakes – some showed the most lethal chemical made in the lab but the question still remains, what kind of physical would absolutely destroy you?

In this article, we will answer the most awaited question about what kind of physical touch would absolutely destroy or kill you in an instant.

What Kind of Physical Touch Would Absolutely Destroy You?

Understanding science is one of the most important and useful things that humans have done since the dawn of mankind. Until we knew too little about the universe around us, we would just touch anything and hope that it doesn’t kill us. As they say, “Nature wants to kill us.”

Fast forward to today, when we know almost everything about almost everything, the human mind is still curious if there’s still something that we don’t know of and it can kill us upon touching. Well, you’re at the right place at the right time, because we’ll be answering this question RIGHT NOW!

Can Fentanyl Kill You Just By Touching it?

There’s been a lot of talk going on locally as well as on the internet about some reports claiming that you can absolutely die just by touching a chemical named Fentanyl; Let’s investigate if there’s any truth to that.

The DEA Says Six Mexicans Died of Fentanyl Overdose (By Touching it)

The doctors say that Fentanyl is a powerful pain killer but some Mexicans, according to the DEA, died of its overdose. The report also stated that Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine and kicks in quickly.

When some reporters asked some people in the street what Fentanyl was, they had absolutely no idea about it. The drug dealers, however, were successful in manufacturing it illegally because it was used as a drug alternative and used in powder form and pills to get high. Some high heads mixed it with other drugs to enhance the high.

The officials also revealed that even a small amount of Fentanyl can be deadly as it is more powerful and potent than heroin or morphine. 

The DEA then went on to demonstrate that Fentanyl, even when it’s in a small amount as a packet of sugar, could be lethal when touched because it could get absorbed into the skin and actually kill you.

How Did People Come to Know About Fentanyl and Its Hazards?

As we said earlier, the DEA reports were obvious that some people died because of Fentanyl overdose but when the overdose amount was taken into consideration, it was surprisingly low. The actual proof that they died “because” of touching Fentanyl but from taking it as a drug.

Upon further questioning, the officials reported that it is unlikely that simply touching the drug would kill you but the chances aren’t zero.

The most impactful research was first released in 2017 by the American College of Medical Toxicology where they made a joint statement with the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, stating, “Incidental dermal absorption is unlikely to cause opioid toxicity.”

What to Do When Exposed to Fentanyl?

The joint report also made some suggestions for the after-effects and what to do when you are exposed to this lethal drug.

According to the joint statement, naloxone is recommended for those who are exposed to Fentanyl in an unlikely event but only for those showing signs of hypoventilation and a depressed level of consciousness should take naloxone. If prolonged hypoxia isn’t acute, Fentanyl exposure doesn’t affect the body. 

If the patient shows signs of significant recovery after taking naloxone, they are lucky as they will feel no long-term effects of the lethal drug.

Drug Police Alliance Says Fentanyl Won’t Kill You by Touching It

When a video was shared by one of the sheriff’s departments in California, it claimed that people died from touching the lethal drug but the claim was then disputed by the Drug Police Alliance. 

As a matter of fact, the Drug Police Alliance called them out and said, “It is completely irresponsible and unconscionable for law enforcement to fabricate such false information about Fentanyl. This kind of fake news creates unnecessary fear among the general public and is damaging the reputation of public health among the citizens. 

As the reports were denied by the Drug Police Alliance as well as the health professionals, later on, the rumor that Fentanyl can actually kill you just by a physical touch was then falsified and there was a huge relief among the people.

The department also made it clear that Fentanyl cannot break the skin barrier easily and does not aerosolize well, leaving very less chances of overdosing via skin contact. 

So, this answers your question of what kind of physical touch would absolutely kill you, the answer is, no touch at all.

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So, No Kind of Physical Touch Would Absolutely Destroy You?

If you’re still wondering about anything that can kill you just by touching it, there is nothing that scientists have found that can kill you just by touching it. However, if you have a wound on your hand and you touch the lethal drug Fentanyl, the drug can then easily get into the bloodstream and cause even death, so we recommend never touching it and not taking any bold chances.

Final Words

The human mind, as we said at the start, always wants to know more about nature and what can kill us. When the rumors were peaking, everyone started searching on the internet if there was any kind of touch that would absolutely kill them. Still, thanks to medical professionals, they busted this myth by calling it nonsense.

The alarming thing is that you are still not recommended to touch anything lethal because our skin is complex and a micro wound can carry that substance to our bloodstream and cause death. Even though the probability is very low, please do not take any chances and be safe out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

This section is dedicated to questions and answers related to what kind of touch can kill you.

What kind of touch can absolutely destroy you rn?

The truth is, not touch at all because the rumors about Fentanyl killing you just by touching it has been falsified by health professionals.

Can You Die by Touching Fentanyl?

You have very fewer chances of dying if you touch Fentanyl because the drug has to reach your bloodstream in order to harm you lethally, which is unlikely unless you have a wound.

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