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Mircari – Marketplace for Buying/Selling Preloved Products

Mircari – Marketplace for Buying/Selling Preloved Products

Image Source: Mircari

Mircari (Mercari), formally known as Mercari, is a Japanese eCommerce website where you can buy and sell pre-loved items without involving any third party.

In today’s era, life moves so fast that traditional businesses suffer from limitations. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you want things to move fast – automation is the way. 

If we go back a decade or two, things weren’t that different from the 19th or 20th century with respect to business and logistics. However, with the advancement of technology and specifically, eCommerce, everything is moving here and there so quickly that we are now seeing same-day delivery in the US.

In this article, we will explain how Mircari’s amazing marketplace works, how you can make the most out of it, and how it has huge potential for growing your eCommerce business in the near future/


Such fast-moving businesses are so successful and exclusive that they only sell new/boxed products. Until now, the US audience would think that eBay is the only option for trading used products. Well, there is another one – just as good as eBay, or maybe better. 

This website is none other than Mircari which lets you buy and sell products without even charging you a hefty processing fee, like Amazon.

What is Mircari?

Mercari, also known as Mircari, is a Japan-based eCommerce company with several offices available in the US. Mercari was founded in 2013 as an eCommerce company by Shintaro Yamada, Ryo Ishizuka, and Tommy Tomishima, and headquartered in Minato, Japan.

Don’t get the company wrong by assuming that they only work in Japan. From what the stats show, Mercari is one of the most used and authoritative eCommerce companies in the United States.

Mercari (or Mircari) in Japan

The Mercari marketplace was first launched in Japan. Now, the marketplace has gotten so big that it is considered the largest community-owned marketplace in Japan with over JPY 10 billion (USD 70 million) worth of transactions taking place every month.

According to Japanese business stats, 94% of the community marketplace users in Japan use Mercari for business.

Mercari (or Mircari) in the US

After its huge success in Japan, Mircari expanded to the United States, in 2014, one year after it was operational in Japan. Not only in the US but this amazing marketplace is also working day and night in the UK.

These days, there’s a trend going on in the US that Mircari is the next go-to marketplace to make money, previously, it was Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. 

Mircari (Mercari) – Your Next Marketplace to Make Money?

Well, most of us are here to inquire about the earning potential of Mircari. When it comes to business and sales taking place on this marketplace, there are a lot.

Even if you don’t want to make a whole lot of money, selling just used products that are just laying around in your house doing nothing. The reason why we recommend using Mircari over other marketplaces is that it easier to use than any other.

Mercari and How Americans are Willing to Spend $160 billion for Used Products

A recent report shared by Mercari shows that Americans spend a lot of money buying preloved items. The number is projected to grow drastically over the next 10 years to more than 300 billion dollars.

Image Source: Mercari

According to the stats, Mercari might grow even more in the future as its primary focus is providing a cutting-edge solution for those who want to buy and sell preloved products.

The report also stated that the average American adult bought at least one second-hand product in the last 12 months. The graph above shows that the number is expected to grow. Considering the inflation rate that’s hitting the US, more people will shift to buying secondhand because provides more value to money.

Another fact highlighted in the report is that Americans have at least $580 billion worth of household items that they’re not using; it is just lying there. When they find out that there’s a marketplace where they can sell this stuff and make money, get ready to see a ton of used products listed on the marketplace.

Speaking of easiness and benefits, let’s talk about the benefits of using Mircari over other marketplaces in the US.

Why Mircari is the Best Marketplace for Pre-Loved Products

Just like eBay, Mircari offers an auction-based marketplace for everyone to use in the US. There are no upfront fees for listing products to sell and make money. 

This section is all about explaining the unique features of Mircari, so let’s talk about that.

Easier UI than eBay

Yes, you read that right. You may have thought that eBay is easy to use when it comes to beginners but Mircari is easier. The reason why is that it was first built by Japanese developers, and they are strict in making an app as user-friendly as possible.

Easier Sign-up for Sellers

Unlike your traditional marketplaces where you have to put a ton of details just to get your first product listed on the website, Mircari leaps forward and makes it convenient not only for the buyers but for sellers as well to sign-up quickly and start selling in no time.

Wide Audience

According to a report shared by Mircari, the marketplace registered around 15 million active users in 2020, and the number is growing since then. This means that there will potentially be hundreds of thousands of people ready to buy what you’re about to sell.

Shipping Protection for Buyers and Sellers

What’s unique about Mircari is that they provide shipping protection for both parties. If the item is somehow damaged or lost in transit, the seller will be covered by Mercari with the amount of up to $200.

If the item fails to reach the seller after it is refunded by the customer, the seller can apply for reimbursement.

Low Processing Fee (only for sellers)

If you’re a seller on Mercari, you’d have to pay a low processing fee or a 10% commission to the platform. This is one of the lowest fees by any online marketplace in the US which makes Mercari unique. 

For example, if you sell a product if $20, you’ll receive $17-18 depending on the shipping charges and processing fees ($0.30)

How to Sell Your Old Products on Mircari?

Here’s the moment of truth, you’ve now realized that there’s a lot of potential in this emerging marketplace and you can make money by selling old products on this platform.

Image Source: Mercari

Mercari allows you to sell practically anything when it comes to household products; the only exceptions are illegal products such as drugs, firearms, etc.

So, let’s take you on a tour in which we explain step-by-step how to sell on Mercari.

Step 1 – Make an Account on Mercari

Go to and make an account by clicking on the Sign-up button. Enter all the details required (don’t worry, they don’t ask too much), and create a password. 

Do keep in mind that you can’t list a product for sale unless you have a valid account.

Step 2 – Decide What You Want to Sell

You don’t have to do anything technical for this step; you just need to decide what you want to sell on Mircari. It can either be a used item you have at home that you want to get rid of.

If you’re among those who want to take a business approach on this one, you can find what items are in demand on Mircari, source these items online and sell them at a higher price to make good gains. 

Step 3 – Prepare the Listing of your Product

We recommend you take good photos of your products as you list them on the marketplace. Mircari allows you to add up to 12 photos of your product to show clarity. After that, you can write a stellar description of the product and “sell” it to the customers.

After you’ve got the product ready to show, decide on a fair price that would attract the buyers, and finally list the product on the marketplace.

Step 4 – Respond to Potential Buyers

No matter how many details you put in the listing about your product, the buyers are always going to ask some questions before buying the product. Be conservative with the buyers and show a fast response; it will make the buyer think that he is being taken care of by a legit seller.

After the buyers know what they need to know, get ready to ship the product as soon as they place an order.

Step 5 – Shipping the Product

Mircari gives the option to decide from three options for shipping. Here’s what they are:

Image Source: Mircari


Decide what works best for you, and don’t forget to consider the shipping costs for each option as it will be the deciding factor for you and the buyer. 


As we’ve shown you the stats illustrating how the US will be included towards preloved items in the near future, markets like Mircari are bound to grow as they already provide a stellar solution for such a problem.

If you want to sell your old items that sitting idle at home, you can sell them on this marketplace where they may be someone who wants to buy them at a cheaper price. Mircari can also be used as a marketplace where you can build your eCommerce store by selling a certain range of preloved products.

In conclusion, Mircari will most likely grow in the near future and there will be more items listed as Americans start to realize that they can use a beginner-friendly app for selling preloved items.

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