Plastic shelf edge strips are clear plastic strips that fit into standard shelf edge strips and hold price stickers, price guides, product information and more. They are most often made of clear PVC plastic and are most commonly utilized in stores like groceries, where you will have seen them utilized to advertise certain products on an aisle or shelf. They are the perfect way to add a custom touch to your grocery store.

Types of Shelf Talkers

There are a number of different types of shelf talkers that you can utilize in your store. 

  • Push Shelf Edge Strip: The most common form of shelf talker is the push type, where a strip is slid underneath a shelf edge, thus uncovering the product information or sticker. You can then push the exposed side of the strip up and out of the shelf so that the ad can be displayed. This is the most widely utilized type of shelf talkers.
  • Slide-in Shelf Talker: The second most common form of shelf edge strips is the slide in variety. These are more common than the push varieties and require that the exposed plastic be pried away from the shelf edge with a sliding bar or lever. Once this is accomplished, the data is then slid into the plastic. Some varieties of slide-in plastic talker use push in edge fixings to accomplish this task. These types of slip-on shelf edge strips generally utilize slide on edge fixings to ensure the data will not fall back out due to it rubbing against other ad units.
  • Rack Mounted Shelf Edge Strip: Yet another popular shelf-talkers product is rack-mounted rack and wall mount shelf edge fixings. This type of fixings is used by truck and trailer companies to display their signage, product information, etc., mounted on flat or recessed wall surfaces. This mounting system works well in bars, cubicles, and shipping boxes. It allows for easy installation, safe storage, and quick removal without damage to the product.

You can find a wide array of different shelf edge fixings made by a variety of manufacturers such as VC Print and more. These include plastic, metal, acrylic, and wooden varieties. Each provides a unique form of shelf talkers for the specific application. For example, metal types of shelf talkers may be purchased in a variety of sizes and colours, while acrylic and plastic types provide somewhat varied options in terms of shapes and sizes.

Many people are interested in the different applications of shelf talkers. They are sometimes used to display graphic advertisements, product information, and more. You can always talk to VC Print or your choice of a professional printer to learn the best way to use shelf edge strips. 

How is Plastic Shelf Edge Strip created?

Clear plastic shelf edge strips are made with the same materials as other shelf talkers. They are manufactured from clear plastic, polyester, and fibreglass, among other materials. Generally, most clear plastic shelf talkers come in one of three different sizes; six, ten, or twelve-foot lengths.

When it comes to the installation process, you will find that most of what is plastic sheet metal do you need these products in a kit. However, you can also purchase it pre-fabricated and have it installed by a professional. Most dealers offer installation for around fifty dollars.

Shelves are often found to be positioned along the bottom of a shelf or on the side of a shelf. When these shelves are used to display products with shelf talkers, customers can look directly at the items that they wish to purchase. This enables the customer to locate the product easily without having to look all over the room.


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