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What are the Reasons for wearing Dry Fit T-Shirts?

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Dry Fit is a synthetic fiber composed of polyester, polyamide and elastane. The combination of these threads makes the fabric softer, lighter, more comfortable and suitable for promoting skin respiration.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that people who engage in physical activities wear dry shirts. In addition to being comfortable, they can also improve athletes’ performance. Do you want to know more advantages of this fabric? So, see if we split it for you!

1. Ease of sweating

Dry Fit fabric is lightweight and permeable, helping to eliminate perspiration during hardworking job as a mechanic does. But you may be asking yourself: why should I sweat during physical activities?

Sweat is totally responsible for maintaining the organ’s homeostasis – the steady state necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Therefore, the sweat glands have the function of regulating body temperature and improving physical efficiency.

Dry Fit absorbs at the same time the moisture caused by sweat and prevents the discomfort of sweating on the skin. Polyamide-based shirts absorb sweat four times faster than other types, such as fibers composed of polyester yarns. Both are more absorbent than cotton shirts.

2. Comfort and dry skin

The Dry Fit component prevents the feeling of damp and heavy clothing that usually occurs during and after exercise. The greater spacing between the strands also helps to improve comfort: perspiration is eliminated through these spacing, thus reducing moisture in the body.

In cotton fabrics, moisture penetrates the fabric, making it heavy and moist, but this does not happen in Dry Fit fabric. Despite facilitating the mechanic’s sweating, the shirts allow sweat to reach the outside more quickly, thus promoting sweat evaporation. The print on T shirt for mechanic with a message also looks dope.

3. Protection against UV rays

Anyone exercising outdoors will be harmed by ultraviolet rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a series of complications, such as premature aging, skin cancer and even eye problems.

In this case, the Dry Fit t-shirts help to prevent ultraviolet radiation, when practicing outdoor activities, which is an additional guarantee against diseases caused by solar radiation.

4. Strength and quality

In addition to fast drying, light weight, comfort and resistance to creasing, polyester fabrics are also known for their high wear resistance. This makes shirts very cost-effective as they tend to last much longer.

Remember that high quality clothes are necessary for physical exercise, as they are affected by factors such as sweat, high temperature, UV and UVA rays, among other factors. Never buy fabrics just because they are the cheapest. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to make changes frequently – it would waste all your previous savings.

5. Increased performance

Lightness, comfort, flexibility and faster evaporation of moisture from the fabric are some of the factors that allow athletes to achieve better results during the practice of physical activities.

Furthermore, the use of Dry Fit fabrics can change confidence and self-esteem. After all, with this type of bus driver tee shirts, you know you are using the right technology for the activity, in addition to feeling more comfortable, increasing safety.

Dry Fit T-shirts are highly recommended for all types of physical exercises, but especially for those of long duration – when it is necessary to regulate the body temperature. So if you are running, walking, playing football or doing any physical activity, bet on this fabric.

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