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What Are the Main Steps for Confirming a Patient’s Health Insurance Coverage?

by Arman Ali
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Last modified on April 1st, 2024 at 8:45 pm

To thoroughly verify a patient’s health insurance, you should follow the steps outlined below: 

Gather insurance info from the patient while registering. You probably can’t recollect such an event, or it may never have happened. There is a strong explanation for this homogeneity. Having rapid access to a patient’s insurance information via verification software for instant insurance verification allows the verification process to begin immediately. 

Getting insurance info from patients during intake involves more than just identifying their insurance provider. It entails gathering particular information, such as the patient’s insurance ID. You should also take note of the contact information on the patient’s insurance card. 

Furthermore, it is critical to determine if the patient owns the insurance or whether it belongs to someone else. Documenting the policyholder’s identity and link to the patient is critical. By combining all obtained insurance information with the patient’s complete name and date of birth, you will have all of the essential data for verification. 

Initiating Contact with the Patient’s Insurance Company

Regardless of your past encounters with a patient’s insurance company, whether extensive or minimal, you must speak with them once you receive the patient’s information. It is recommended that you do this as soon as possible because insurance firms handle a large number of clients, and it may take many days to react to the request for your verification. 

First, consider making a phone call. Call the number on the patient’s insurance card so that a rep can answer. If the wait time is infinite, consider calling again later, owing to the huge amount of calls these firms frequently receive. 

When speaking with an insurance agent, first confirm that they have the authority to share a patient’s insurance information. Then, ensure that your phone discussion follows HIPAA standards for exchanging patient info. Following that, give the patient’s insurance information you’ve acquired. The following step provides ways to do this effectively. 

Pose the Appropriate Inquiries

With the company rep on the line and the patient’s insurance info available, you can properly comprehend the patient’s coverage and benefits. Begin by asking for confirmation of all patient information you have gathered. Then, inquire about the policy’s current status. If the insurance is still current, find out the patient’s copayment and deductible information. 

After validating these basic facts of the patient’s insurance plan, go further. Determine whether any prior authorizations are needed for the patient’s visit. Inquire about any extra documents required or particular coverage limitations. Also, use your expertise with the insurer to inquire about any pertinent questions that are specific to them. 

Repeat the Verification Process for Every Patient Visit

The procedures listed above describe the whole insurance verification procedure. Nevertheless, it is crucial to realize that insurance situations might alter at any time. It is wise to double-check a patient’s insurance info before each appointment and encourage individuals to update their information using your practice’s patient portal. 

Avoid merely asking patients whether their insurance coverage has changed because this query does not convey the timeliness of your information. Instead, provide them with the facts you already have and request confirmation or changes. If the info provided is correct, the verification procedure is comprehensive. If not, you can begin from the initial step and avoid taking shortcuts. The precision of this procedure is critical for sustaining healthy cash flow, reducing claim denials, and guaranteeing patient happiness.

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