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Web copywriting, writing for the Google algorithm

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Google’s algorithm requires providing quality editorial content if they want their site / blog to rank in the top positions of the search engine. The company therefore has every interest in working on its content creation by setting up a content strategy and an editorial line to follow.

The mission of the SEO web copywriter (SEO: Search engine optimization or optimization in search engines) will therefore be the production of editorial content to continue to supply the website with qualitative content in accordance with the web marketing strategy of the company. SEO skills are in high demand among web copywriters.

As you will have understood, writing for the web cannot be improvised, web referencing techniques must be known in order to offer quality editorial content for the digital communication of the company. You can also call on a web editor to rework the content of your website or blog during a site redesign or simply to improve your SEO. The web editor can work from scratch or from a base given by his client and will therefore have to rewrite the content in an optimized way.

How to write quality seo content?

SEO is based on three elements: the technical aspects of the website, the content of the site and net linking. The freelance writer will often have to collaborate with a SEO. A client wants to post quality content and SEO optimized blog posts for their business website? Here are some tips on best practices for writing optimized content for the web.

The most important point to remember is that the web editor must provide information to his reader and must make the reader want to stay on the site, read the article to the end and bring it to the end. to consult other pages of the website. The web editor must therefore take the time to learn about his writing subject, he must master the subject and not give bad information.

At the level of web referencing, the keywords must be inserted in a natural way, it must not be a list of keywords. Google is smart and knows the difference between fluid content with high added value and text filled with end-to-end keywords. In writing his text, the web editor must know how to proofread himself and correct any mistakes in grammar, spelling and syntax.

Web writing is an exciting field, because it requires the web editor to adapt to the subjects entrusted and above all to document himself. It is therefore a very rewarding profession intellectually. Some professional writers are critical for companies wanting to improve their ranking or start a process of Inbound Marketing. You need to know first important points to become copywriter.

1-. Train yourself

Knowledge has become abundant. For anyone wishing to train in an extended trade like that of copywriter, there are many solutions. Blog reading is important, as are books on the subject. Finding online copywriting course can also be a plus for acquiring the basics of copywriting.

2-. Define your niche

Before you start looking for clients, before you start putting your fingers on the keyboard, before you do anything, you need to define your niche first. This is the precise domain and audience that you will target as a web copywriter.

Some will ask the question:

  1. But why would I want to limit myself? Wouldn’t I have more copywriting work if I opened up to more people?
  2. It’s ironic, but you’ll actually be able to find more work AND charge more if you reduce your audience and specialization.
  3. Customers will always prefer a specialist copywriter. He knows who his clients are and offers a clear goal. As such, it will attract more customers.
  4. Position yourself in your target market
  5. These will be your potential customers. Ask yourself:
  6. What is their sector of activity?
  7. What are their services?
  8. How are they doing their copywriting now?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can find your role well defined. Once you know how you want to approach your copywriting job, it’s time to find your first clients.

3-. Reading, the importance of reading

Observing, understanding, analyzing other textual content is essential. Before you start writing, learn how to read, discover authors with their particular style, turns of phrase, allegories and other figures of speech that you may find useful. Beyond style, by reading, a copywriter broadens his general knowledge, which will allow him to write texts on additional and varied subjects.

4-. Write, rework your texts

As we wrote above, to develop your writing skills, the more you write the better. There are 5 successive stages for the acquisition of a skill: Novice, Beginner, Competent, Efficient and Expert.

To get through these stages, it involves the following progress:

The beginner copywriter will have to move from theoretical principle to the concrete practice of the trade of copywriter. To do this, he will have to put into practice what he has learned or observed in writing texts. As he learns the profession, the copywriter will have a more global vision of what is required of him, the interest of his text and the context in which it will be used. At the final stage, the copywriter will be a recognized professional copywriter mastering the art of writing, editorial strategy and other important aspects of the profession, such as SEO writing or the structuring of texts adapted to the web by adapting their text. to strategic keywords.

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