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Understanding the Pedagogical Approach followed by the best Bangalore Preschool

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It is often very exciting when your child is of age to attend a school for the first time and when you are actively looking for top CBSE schools in Bangalore. There is a lot of expectation, curiosity, and anxiety during this whole process. Parents want the best for their little ones and it is natural that they expect the world out of these preschools. And this can lead to uncertainty and confusion when you are looking for schools that seem likely to provide what you want. Here is a brief guide on the top Bangalore Preschool that offers a wonderful Montessori curriculum.

What is Montessori?

To give you a headstart, the Montessori method of teaching was first developed by Dr.Maria Montessori and the aim of this method of teaching is to help children grasp concepts and lessons faster in an environment that encourages self-initiated learning and fosters independent thinking. This  method has since been used extensively across the globe and has been extremely successful in achieving its objectives.

Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP)

This is a unique program offered by the Global Indian International School to its preschoolers of ages 3 to 6. The GMP program is a wonderful blend between the Maria Montessori methodology and the original pre-school curriculum and the ‘Plus’ in the program is the use of these formal methods of education in an environment that provides the latest modern and innovative tools to help children have a futuristic education.

The 5 pillars of the Global Montessori Plus Program

The curriculum in the program is powered by the 5 pillars of GMP that consist of:

  1. Excelerate Program: Here, the emphasis is on language fluency, literacy and numeracy skills. With the help of virtual labs and smart classrooms these concepts are imbibed in children by expert Montessori teachers.
  2. iPlay Program: The iPlay program concentrates on a child’s physical development like spatial awareness, independence in activities and the ability to understand and interact with the environment around them. 
  3. iCare Program: Children are taught the importance of good virtues like compassion and care towards their fellow beings and their environment.
  4. Multi-faceted learning: This is a great opportunity for students to adapt to interactive methods of learning across the curriculum and the aim is to help children improve their intellectual capabilities.
  5. Future ready programme: GIIS uses the latest technology and next generation techniques while imparting education and this helps children familiarise themselves with futuristic technologies.

Other important features of the GMP program

Parent Engagement: GIIS understands the anxiety young parents face with regard to their child’s well-being in school. The school practices open communication and involve parents by keeping them informed about the child’s activities in school by conducting regular PTA meetings, orientation sessions and by providing the online my GIIS portal for other important updates.

Safety and Security: The GIIS Smart Campus is equipped with the latest technology and there safety and security measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of all students and staff. 

ConclusionA Montessori school should concentrate on the holistic development of its students as it is just as important as having sound academic knowledge. Interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and leadership skills are some of the most important aspects in all-around development and it is sensible to find a Bangalore Preschool that administers this kind of education.

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