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Top Tips on How to Choose the Right Custom-Sized Cardboard Boxes

by Syed Qasim
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Marketing and advertising take on many forms, and consumer purchases rely heavily on how a product is presented. Packaging has a significant impact on consumer engagement and sales. A unique cardboard box design can make your items stand out on a shelf.

Not sure where to begin? We have the top tips you need to know to find the perfect custom-sized cardboard boxes. Read on!

Understand Cardboard Box Material Options

Understanding the critical differences between corrugated cardboard and paper cardstock is essential. Learn how they differ from each other in terms of strength and ability to be custom molded.

Corrugated cardboard is a stiffer, more durable material that can withstand the hazards of the modern supply chain. It is the ideal choice for packages that require strength and protection. Paper cardstock, on the other hand, is not as strong as corrugated cardboard and is much more affordable.

When choosing custom-sized cardboard boxes, it’s also essential to consider the weight the box will need to carry. Additionally, assess how it will be used for shipping needs.

Finally, pay close attention to the specifications of whether the box is made from recycled material or not. Using recycled material can be a great way to reduce cardboard box costs and be more environmentally friendly.

Take Measurements to Get Proper Fitting

When shopping for custom-sized cardboard boxes, it is vital to take precise measurements before selecting the right one. Measure both the length and width of the object that needs to be packed. Use those cardboard box measurements to determine the box size that will properly fit.

Keep in mind the thickness of the product being packed as well. Remember that the box needs to provide ample room for any packaging material and cushioning. This is especially important if being shipped, as product damage can be costly.

Additionally, unless you want a custom look, it is best to aim for a box approximately the same size as the item being packed. This makes it easier to secure the item inside and helps prevent damage during transport.

Consider Box Sides for Added Protection

When it comes to protection, the box sides can make all the difference. If you’re packing items that need extra protection, make sure that the cardboard boxes have double walls and fluting between the layers of cardboard.

The cardboard box thickness should also be taken into consideration. Thinner cardboard boxes might not provide enough cushioning for incredibly fragile items. Additionally, choosing boxes with reinforced edges and corners ensures added protection in case of bumps or drops.

Look at Finish Options for Aesthetics

One popular finish is imprinting LOGOs or graphics onto the boxes, which will be printed and embossed onto the packaging materials. Offset printing and matt coating are other options that allow for colorful, detailed graphic images or text on the box.

Another option is to use premium corrugate paper to give the box a unique texture and appearance. Finally, a wax or a varnish finish can be used for a glossy finish to make the boxes pop. To see more options, you may visit this site for custom cardboard boxes.

Find the Best Custom-Sized Cardboard Boxes for Your Needs

It is important to remember the five things that must be considered when choosing the right custom-sized cardboard boxes: size, box wall thickness, box style, strength, and ease of assembly.

It’s essential for all businesses to ensure they are making the right choice for their shipping needs. Start today by utilizing all of these top tips.

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