Top 7 mistakes people make when buying granite countertops

Undoubtedly, granite is the best choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. With its strength and durability, you can remodel your home in the best way. Also, the granite countertop suppliers provide various options in its style, design, and color. However, you must take care of some minor details while buying granite countertops.  

Good quality granite requires low maintenance. But, you have to keep in mind some other factors other than its quality. Before rushing to the store, consider every little detail of your granite. Similarly, you must have clear discussions with your countertop distributor about certain factors.

There are some mistakes most people make when buying granite countertops that you should avoid. Here are a few mistakes to be aware of:

  1. Not checking samples of countertop
  2. Wrong installation of the sink
  3. Avoid visible flaws
  4. Choosing the wrong color
  5. Not sealing it properly
  6. Buying layered granite
  7. Considering price over quality

1- Not checking samples of countertop:

You do not buy countertops simply because they look beautiful. There is more to them than mere looks. Therefore, you should avail yourself of the chance of getting a sample for your home. Similarly, ask your granite countertops suppliers for a sample countertop. Then, try placing it in your kitchen. As a result, you will be sure about its fitting.

In addition to that, with a sample at your home, make sure how it looks in your lights. The reason is that the granite light appears different in the interior store. So, do check out the sample as soon as you get the chance.

2- Wrong installation of the sink:

The sink has to be a perfect fit on your granite countertop. However, it may look simple to fit a sink on a countertop. But, the sink has to be perfect in its measurements. Most people make this blunder while installing countertops. Therefore, the size of the sink matters the most. So, try to avoid this mistake. 

The granite surface may crack if the sink and countertop are not leveled during installation. You can avoid these mistakes by choosing the best contractors for your countertops.

3- Avoid visible flaws:

Well, the beauty of a granite countertop might be flawless. But, the surface of a granite slab usually has some visible seams. Therefore, make sure that the seams are in the less visible area of the countertop. Ask your distributor to be careful about this. 

Granite has intricate vein-like patterns. Therefore, you should look for the best part to be visible on the top. Also, make sure that the flaws are not on the visible parts of the countertop.

4- Choosing the wrong color:

There is no doubt that you will choose the best countertop color. However, Amy looks like a misfit if it does not match the aura of your kitchen. Therefore, Make sure that the color of your granite looks perfect with your kitchen cabinets. Also, if you have a busy kitchen, choose a dark granite countertop. This way, the stains will not show their signs.

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5- Not sealing it properly:

As you know, granite is a porous material. Therefore, it requires proper sealing. Most people make the mistake of not sealing it properly. As a result, the countertop will not serve you in the long run. Moreover, the sealing also makes it look shiny and clean on the surface. Furthermore, granite may develop bacteria on its surface without sealing. It is crucial to seal the granite countertop to avoid any health issues.

6- Buying layered granite countertops:

It is one of those mistakes which make you regret your purchase. Make sure that the granite you are buying does not have two layers. However, granite countertop suppliers do provide this kind of granite. However, it is not suitable for a countertop that has base cabinets. The reason is that moisture coming from the sink may damage its layers. So, make sure that you buy a quality granite slab. 

7- Considering price over quality:

Yes, most of you might want to have an affordable granite countertop. Nevertheless, keep in mind that what’s cheap may not be of high quality. Therefore, make sure that you buy the best quality granite. It may be a little expensive. It is not a good idea to compromise on the quality of your countertop just because of its price. In this way, you will waste your money.


In conclusion, you can get the best countertops from a granite countertops supplier. But, you also have to consider some factors to make your purchase valuable. By keeping these seven common mistakes in mind, you can avoid the consequences. Therefore, do not forget to check out the sample. Similarly, make sure that the sink and the color of granite go well with your cabinets. Moreover, never compromise on the quality to save some money.


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