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Top 5 Reasons to Get an Invoicing Software for your Business

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Invoicing is an important aspect for the growth of any business. Though manual invoicing can be done, it is time consuming. For efficiently running any business, it is crucial to have invoicing software which simplifies the work and leaves no room for error. 

What is e-invoicing? 

E-invoicing is a system in which business-to-business (B2B) invoices and export invoices are validated electronically for being used on the common GST portal. This is extremely helpful as invoices can be furnished anytime during audits. E-invoicing system can be used for printing and issuing e-invoices. 

There are also GST billing software that can be used alternatively for making GST compliance invoices. It already comes with the slabs for taxation, so only with a few clicks the entire procedure becomes easy. All the data is backed up and this software can run on all types of PCs. 

Top 5 reasons to use Best Invoicing Software

  • Generate e-invoice instantly without the need for manual intervention
  • Capability to generate bulk e-invoices seamlessly
  • Generate e-way bill along with e-invoice as applicable
  • Seamless cancellation of e-invoice if required
  • Flexibility to use offline mode to generate e-invoice to deal with possible network issues

What are the Benefits of Using e-invoicing software?

Using software is extremely important in today’s fast paced world. Everything is becoming automated and hence always choose the software for your business needs. 

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Interoperability of the data across different GST systems (IRP, e-way bill, GSTIN)
  • Reduces reporting of same invoice details multiple times
  • Auto-population of e-invoice details in GST returns and e-way bill
  • Real-Time tracking of invoices
  • Confirmed ITC eligibility
  • Substantial reduction in input credit verification
  • Prevents errors and frauds

Saves Time and efforts to file returns

Factors to keep in mind while Choosing Invoicing Software 

Getting software is a good thing but to get your hands on the best invoicing software, a certain number of factors play an integral role. 

  • Choose a software where the invoice can be generated instantly without manual intervention
  • It is also important to have the feature of generating e-bills along with the invoice. There should be an option to cancel the e-invoice if required. The software should be integrated with the IRP portal. It should allow you to print the invoice with IRN and QR code details
  • Anytime anywhere access and help deal with exceptions 
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • It would be best if the software generates bulk e-invoices seamlessly. Since all businesses have to mandatorily issue invoices, it makes sense if a little time is invested while choosing the best invoicing software
  • Before finalizing on the software, make sure you opt for a trial version ensuring hands-on training

Final Note: Any invoicing software should be chosen keeping in mind the business aspects and requirements of the company leading to a smooth process of invoicing.

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