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Top 5 Features of Resmed Lumis 150 VPAP ST

The ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST is a non-invasive ventilator that is designed to help individuals with sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions. This device is equipped with a range of advanced features that make it one of the most user-friendly and effective non-invasive ventilators on the market. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 5 features of the ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST.

iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support)

ResMed’s iVAPS is a special algorithm that adjusts therapy to fit each patient’s specific breathing requirements. It uses the company’s proprietary iBR technology to continually monitor actual ventilation and respiration in relation to target rates and automatically adjust pressure support as necessary.

Unlike other volume-assured modes, iVAPS maintains the patient’s unique alveolar ventilation target even when their respiratory rate changes throughout the night, especially during different stages of sleep. This leads to more consistent and reliable care for patients whose condition is likely to change during therapy, such as those with neuromuscular disease, obesity hypoventilation syndrome or COPD.

Some ventilation methods focus on the amount of air moved during each breath without considering the portion of air that does not reach the patient’s lungs. iVAPS, on the other hand, aims to improve the amount of air reaching the alveoli, which is the most important aspect of ventilation. By considering both the amount of air and the breathing rate, iVAPS allows for more precise control of the respiratory support provided to the patient.

Adjustable Trigger and Cycle sensitivity 

ResMed offers five levels of adjustable trigger and cycle sensitivity to help customize the beginning and end of each inspiration. The cycle sensitivity helps ensure appropriate breath termination for every patient, promoting patient-ventilator synchronization.

The trigger setting helps customize the sensitivity level to better treat patients with decreased inspiratory efforts. These trigger and cycle sensitivities work in conjunction with Vsync, another proprietary ResMed technology, to measure unintentional leaks, providing optimal synchronization. 

Climate Control 

For each humidifier setting, the Climate Control system delivers a constant amount of water vapor or absolute humidity (AH) to the patient’s upper airway. The Climate Control system uses an intelligent technology that controls the ResMed HumidAir heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir heated tubing to deliver consistent, comfortable temperature and humidity levels throughout therapy. 

The system can be set to Auto mode, which automatically sets the temperature and humidity levels for optimal comfort or Manual mode, where patients can adjust the temperature and humidity to their preferences. In Auto mode, patients can easily receive comfortable therapy by attaching the ClimateLineAir heated tube and pressing start, with no need to navigate settings or menus.

SmartStart and SmartStop

The ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST has a SmartStart and SmartStop feature, which means that the device automatically starts and stops when the patient puts on and takes off the mask, respectively. This eliminates the need for the patient to manually turn on and off the device, making it more convenient and user-friendly.

Wireless Connectivity

Resmed Lumis has  a cloud-based system that allows for the management of patients with sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory insufficiency. It provides the ability to easily access patient data, share clinical information with other healthcare professionals, and decrease costs associated with patient follow-up.

In conclusion,Lumis 150 is the premium machine with lots of smart and advanced features mentioned above and includes many more too like Mask fit, TiControl, Ramp up and Ramp down along with Expiratory pressure Relief and Preheat function.

It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if this device is the right choice for you and your needs.

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