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Tips on Helping Your Older Dog Play More & Have Fun

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Last modified on March 27th, 2023 at 6:58 pm

A dog can be one of the greatest companion’s you have ever had. Four-legged friends bless you with time, loyalty, and love. Their playfulness also gives you hours of entertainment. It’s hard to see a pooch slow down with age. Try some helpful hints to bring back some pep in your older pup’s step. Your efforts will bring joy to both of you and allow your older dog to play more and have fun.

Trim Off Those Extra Pounds

If you are like so many pet owners, extra treats are a way to say I love you. Weight gain is the downside. When your dog was younger and more active, it was easier to burn off extra calories. Aging can make it the pounds begin to accumulate. Find a healthy diet for your pet to get back in shape. Cut out or reduce table scraps or treats. Try several small meals instead of two large meals to get to your dog’s goal weight sooner.

Help Your Dog to Move with More Freedom

Medication and supplements may not be enough to combat your dog’s stiffness or pain. The best dog back brace may help your dog to have more flexibility and relief from an aching back. Toe grips can provide traction on slippery floors. Leg braces are another alternative that can offer your dog support, making it easier to walk, run, and play. Another way to give your pet freedom is with a dog door. Having unlimited access to the backyard provides your dog with more stimulation and balance in their energy.¬†Pet doors¬†come in all sizes, so no matter the breed you’re sure to find one that fits.

Start Small

If your senior dog isn’t as playful anymore, you can’t expect a return to youthful habits overnight. Changes in diet and pain relief are only the first step. An aging pet will need to become more active gradually. Don’t put too much strain on your dog’s body. Going for a walk could be a great place to start. If you haven’t been walking, try every other day in the beginning. Begin with short walks. If you already take daily strolls, lengthen your dog’s walk in small increments. Pace yourself. Pay attention when your dog needs to rest. As you get into a routine, your dog will wriggle with anticipation when it is time to go.

Test the Water

Your dog may love to go for a swim, especially in the hottest months of the year. Your dog can climb into a kiddie pool without a problem. You can also try a lake or a pond. Your pooch may really love to dip his or her paws in cool, refreshing water. Water is also easy on your dog’s joints. Moving smoothly and having a good time is possible.

Fetch is Always a Tried and True Favorite

If your dog loves fetch as a puppy, it’s time to bring back the tradition. Buy an assortment of balls to find out what your pooch likes best. Head out to the backyard, a park, or an empty field. Try a short toss. Go easy on your old dog’s joints and muscles. Even if your best friend is full of energy, keep the playtime short. You don’t want to wear out your older pup. There will be time to play more the next day.

Find Relief for Arthritis

People aren’t the only ones who suffer from arthritis. Dogs have painful joints as they age as well, especially in their legs and hips. Talk to your veterinarian to find out what products could be best for your dog. Glucosamine and prescription medications can ease inflammation for your furry friend. Your pet could move much more freely once the pain has eased.

Play a Round of Chase

Dogs love to chase their humans. Grab your aging pup’s favorite toy and go on a gentle jog around the house. Your pooch will be delighted to take turns being the devoted one. Try hiding under a table, behind a door, or in another room. Once your dog catches up with you, get down on the floor for some easy wrestling. Experience the simple joy of playing with someone who loves you more than anyone else in the world.


Playing with your older dog will bring back a flood of good memories from bygone days. Once you’ve had your round of excitement, take time to relax. Sit down and stroke your dog, returning the love that is given to you every day.

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