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Tips For Choosing An Exterior House Colour

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Exterior House Colour

Homeowners usually spend more time, effort, and money decorating the interiors of their homes. However, one should not forget that it is the exterior of the home that leaves the first impression on people. If you choose colours that are boring and are not a preview of the designs inside the house, then your house will seem flat or featureless. Similarly, if you choose bold colours then they can overwhelm the architecture.   Choosing the perfect exterior wall paint colour combination keeping the extreme Indian climatic conditions in mind is not an easy task as many factors will influence that choice.

While you are choosing a paint colour that best matches the exteriors of the house keep in mind the colours should highlight the best features of your home. Below are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing an exterior house colour.


Before going ahead and choosing the colour for the exterior of the house. You need to have a clear understanding of the budget in hand, this will help you plan better throughout the construction period and prevent you from going overboard with your expenses. A set budget will narrow down your options thereby, easing your decisions.


Durability is another major factor to keep in mind while choosing the exterior house paint colour. The type of paint colour you choose will determine the durability of the paint irrespective of the colour. High gloss paints are not befitted for exterior wall paints even though it has the highest durability. For an exterior wall paint finish, satin and eggshell are the best choices as they are highly durable and can be maintained easily. These finishes also enhance your paint colour ideas.

Colour Combination

In terms of exterior wall colour combinations, avoid using multiple colours on the exterior. Stick to one or a maximum of 2 colours when painting the exterior of the house as more colours on the exterior will give the house a cluttered look. If you feel using a single colour will give a monotonous look to your house, you can also choose different shades of the same colour. This will make your house look more appealing.

Blend With Nature

Ysour surroundings play a huge role in deciding the colour for the exterior of your house. Whatever you choose should blend well with the surroundings. People living in the hilly regions will have a completely different choice of colours as opposed to the people living by the sea. Cool colours would be best for exterior house colour in the hilly regions as it suits the climate and the greenery surrounding it.

Choice Of Colours

Choosing The right colours for the exterior of the house is as important as choosing the right house to live in. We should avoid black and other dark colours on the exterior of the house. If you are someone living in an extremely hot and humid region you should opt for cool colours as dark colours absorb the heat and your house always have an unpleasant temperature. There is no harm in using dark colours to highlight specific features of the house. However, one should avoid using it for the entire façade.


If you have designed the interior of the house around a certain theme, try and replicate or draw some essence of that theme onto the exterior of your home as well. Let the façade give the introduction to the story that you want to portray in the interiors of your house. Working on ideas for the exterior of your house around a certain theme will bring certain unique ideas into your mind and help you make better choices.

Have fun selecting the right colours for your house and make it a fun project to work on. It can be overwhelming, but the points mentioned above can make your work easier.

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