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The necessity of Family Therapy as a part of Substance Abuse Treatment

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Any health issue, including substance misuse, should be treated in conjunction with the family. The functioning, health, and general well-being of every family member can be negatively impacted by addiction, both for those who are abusing substances and for those who are not.

A supportive family environment can be vital to the recovery process, just as family issues can influence addiction. Family support not only enhances the probability that treatment will be effective, but it can also facilitate the transition to an addiction-free lifestyle and even helps in avoiding relapses.

How can addiction affect the whole family?

There are various reasons for addiction but it can also start due to the mental effect of any type of family issue. Addiction often affects the whole family even if any single family member suffers from it.  It not only affects the addicted person but rather ruins many relationships in the family. Many times family members do this when they are tired and are not able to control the addicted person:

  • Cutting the addict completely off or staying away from them.
  • Ignoring the addicted individual.
  • Controlling the actions of an addicted person
  • Not taking enough care
  • Allowing or enabling the addict tosubstance abuse
  • Becoming an addict themselves

These are the reasons family members need the therapy too. It can be done through family therapy which is included in substance abuse treatment. Family therapy usually takes the form of education in drug rehab programs to address drug and alcohol addiction. Family members can heal and recover simultaneously as a result of it.

What is family therapy?

To assist the family live drug- and alcohol-free, a variety of therapeutic modalities known as family therapy are used. Additionally, it aims to lessen the negative effects of addiction on both the drug user and his or her family. Family therapy and support are crucial components of addiction treatment and can improve the patient’s chances of success. However, while developing into a strong and persistent treatment in many forms of health therapy, it is still not frequently used to its fullest extent in drug rehab treatment.

How does family therapy work for addiction treatment?

Addiction recovery is usually considered an individual treatment but involving the family members in the therapy can work wonders and ultimately helps in the recovery journey. Yet, the shifting of the focus of drug abuse therapy from the individual to the family still poses a significant difficulty.

The key element of family therapy or family counseling is providingthe family the education about addiction and its effects, how to support the addict, and motivating them for their recovery journey. Family counseling includes the following:

  • Addition information and its effects
  • Addiction’s effects on other family members
  • Knowledge about the addiction recovery process
  • Supporting your loved one
  • Supporting yourself during a hard time
  • Communication techniques
  • Coping mechanism to help the loved one
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the addict

Benefits of family therapy in substance abuse recovery:

The journey of an addict in recovery involves not only them but also their family and loved ones. Families should continue to attend therapy sessions and support groups if they are dealing with the effects of addiction on the addicted person. This enables them to get ongoing assistance and instruction throughout the whole procedure. Its other benefits are:

  • Strong emotional and mental support
  • Understanding the addiction and learning to tackle its effects
  • Keeping yourself uninvolved from any type of addiction
  • Avoiding enabling and codependency
  • Improved treatment retention
  • Awareness regarding the withdrawal symptoms
  • Relapse prevention methods
  • Outpatient treatment becomes quite successful if there is adequate support at home during the recovery process. And in inpatient programs too, the visits from family and friends provide strong emotional support and motivation to the patient.

How family members can help the addicted individual?

You should remember that only your participation and support can make a huge difference in the success of substance abuse treatment. Keep in mind the following to help your loved ones:

  • Show extreme patience with your loved ones as they are going through major life changes
  • Give them the love and warmth they most require
  • Do not make them feel they are weak or they have failed
  • Keep active communication with them. Do not get angry or stop talking with them
  • Encourage them to take the therapy or substance abuse treatment
  • After therapy, if they are relapsing, try to know the reason
  • Show acknowledgment even for their small success

Winding Up:

The road to recovery from addiction has many twists and roadblocks along the way; it virtually never runs in a straight line. According to some statistics, family involvement and interventions are the primary reasons why most addicted people eventually seek treatment.

Those who have significant family and social support are much more likely to be able to overcome their addiction early. Any patient’s road through recovery from addiction can be made easier by the love and support of family members. Thus, substance abuse treatment when combined with family therapy and support can help to successfully gain a sober life back.

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