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The Most Expensive Cities for Renters to Live in

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The Most Expensive Cities for renters

Cycles have become associated with the U.S. housing market, not the least of which will see notable price increases and decreases. As a result, we have observed the substantial recovery of equity in areas previously believed to have vanished forever. On the other hand, rental rates have risen along with prices. 

In the U.S. housing market, rents are at historically high levels, and there is little indication that this trend will soon reverse. However, it’s important to remember that although renters might not like the concept of paying more, individuals with passive income portfolios are benefiting from the situation of the U.S. housing market right now.

Market Overview

The current market has benefited landlords and homeowners whose expenditures are fixed. During the epidemic, homeowners’ equity is thought to have increased by $6 trillion. As they increase rents to reflect market circumstances, landlords, notably bigger corporate owners, and profit margins are improving.

In a market like this, however, non-homeowners are faced with challenging options, and based on recent patterns, the strain on renters may persist. Even before the pandemic took hold, the pace of growth for property prices was greater than the rate of growth for rentals, but recent circumstances have worsened the discrepancy. 

It presents a problem for renters: either remain with rising rents and risk property prices soaring farther out of reach or try to stretch their finances to buy properties that have become more costly.

One statistic that prospective purchasers might use to determine if it makes more sense to keep renting or try to buy a property in their neighborhood is the rent-to-price ratio of a place. 

Purchasing a property makes more sense in areas with greater rent-to-cost ratios. Real estate may be overpriced in areas with lower rent-to-price ratios when owning expenses outweigh rentals.

New York City

A new real estate market study predicts that New York City will see a decline in rents in 2023, but for New York State residents, the change will likely not happen immediately.

This month, industry experts presented their predictions for the housing trends that tenants should anticipate in 2023. Demand is rising in other metro regions, which are likely taking up tenants priced out of New York. For instance, Newark’s one-bedroom median has increased by 4.5% since last month.

The “million-dollar question” is not whether rents will fall in 2023 but rather how much. The decrease in rent will take longer to occur. Before tenant demand slows and prices begin to decline, landlords won’t be able to keep pricey flats on the market for very long.


On the list of the most expensive rental markets in the US, Boston surpassed San Francisco to take second place, with New York maintaining its lead.

According to a recent survey on urban regions from rental listing service Zumper, the typical one-bedroom rent in Boston increased 5.9% this month from September to $3,060. To $3,020 in San Francisco, it decreased by 2.6%. The median in New York dropped 2.3% to $3,860.

A serious lack of rental housing in the Boston region makes it difficult for individuals without high wages or wealthy parents to rely on to finance it. While digital businesses encourage remote work, San Francisco is still battling the epidemic and is struggling to recover.

While rents nationwide are beginning to rise again, Boston’s growth is among the nation’s quickest. That’s partly because of the “apartment prohibitions,” or zoning regulations in greater Boston that promote single-family dwellings.

San Francisco

The most expensive rental market in the United States in 2022 was New York, but San Francisco had previously held the position for six years, according to statistics from Zumper. Living here is still somewhat pricey, with a one-bedroom costing around $3,000.

Fortunately, in 2019 rent has not yet returned to the city’s pre-pandemic peak of $3,700.However, However, San Francisco would still need a significant change in the market to leave the top five.

Jersey City

The median rent in Jersey City, which is located across the river, isn’t far behind at a staggering $3,102. In contrast, that is a 70% increase from 2020, when costs were at $1,825.

In the neighborhoods around New York City, we’ve seen record levels of applications for apartments. One-bedroom rents in Boston increased by 40% over that time, from around $2,100 to a little over $3,000. Recent high-rise activity in the city has pushed median asking prices further higher.

In Many American Cities, Renting Is Still More Inexpensive Than Buying a House

Despite growing rent rates, they are still lower than the monthly expenses related to purchasing a starter house in most American cities.

Rental prices in June were 14.1% higher than they were in June of last year, and they have been breaking records every month for the previous 16 months. 

However, it pointed out that renting remains more affordable than buying a starter home in 38 of the 50 largest American metro areas. In certain locations, the monthly difference between renting and owning a property is almost $2,000!

In June, the average monthly cost to purchase a starter house in the 50 largest U.S. metro areas was $2,437, which was 29.9% more than the typically stated rent. Previously, buying would have cost $1,815, or 10.4% more per month than renting.

Arizona is the ideal example of movement patterns from the pandemic era and how those patterns are now starting to manifest. Due to a surge of new inhabitants looking for warm weather and a higher standard of living during the epidemic, nearly every community in the state saw skyrocketing price rises. 

In Arizona, the average one-bedroom rent in April 2020 was $993; two years later, it had increased by 33.5% to $1,326.

In Many American Cities, Renting Is Still More Inexpensive Than Buying a House
Image Source: Zumper


Perhaps there will soon be some solace. Although rent prices will continue to rise nationwide, the sky-high price increases we saw throughout most of the epidemic are expected to taper down as consumers continue to tighten their purse strings.

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