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The Modern Tech Used by Casinos

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The Modern Tech

The world has changed drastically as a result of the technological marvels we possess today. From modern cars, which feature almost as much technology as the original space shuttles, to smartphones that allow us to access the world from our pockets, advancements in tech have changed how we live. They have also changed the way we stay entertained.

The iGaming industry, in particular, provides incredible diversions alongside countless chances to win cash. As for the casinos themselves, they use modern technology to offer spectacular games and unrivaled security. The following are some examples of the tech used by casinos today.


In recent years, gamification has become more prevalent in casino games. The gamification process involves adding things one would usually associate with a video game into casino games like slots.

New features include leaderboards, point systems, competitions with other players, and more intuitive rules of play. These layers of competition increase a game’s popularity with current players while also attracting newcomers.

One of the biggest perks of gamification in casino games is the increased engagement through interactivity. Interactive components include things like missions or tasks to complete. They can make playing a relatively simple casino game something that requires greater thought while offering increased entertainment value. 


The number of industries employing AI (artificial intelligence) in their operations since the launch of ChatGPT in 2022 is staggering. Companies ranging from banks to online stores have adopted the tech to improve their systems and automate tasks. 

Casinos have been one of the biggest adopters of AI and applied the technology to both security and the user experience in online and brick-and-mortar casinos.

For security, AI allows physical casinos to track players using facial recognition cameras and building player profiles. These profiles include how the player usually gambles, what area of the casino they frequent, and what games they play. Online, AI can track a gambler’s play patterns and flag suspicious transactions in their account for further investigation. 

For the user experience, which applies mostly to online casinos, the same player profile and activity patterns used to build a security record for each gambler can be used to better their experience. By knowing what games a player frequents, AI allows casinos to suggest similar options that the player is likely to enjoy, such as Hacksaw Gaming slots, making discovering new games easier than ever. 


Although not yet available in physical casinos, crypto casinos use the power of blockchain technology to accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency.

This is beneficial for players who own crypto because it offers instant payments with lower transaction fees than those incurred when paying with fiat currency. 

Blockchain technology can also be used to generate a fair outcome for games. Acting as an RNG (random number generator), the blockchain produces random results for a game and then logs them in the chain. These can then be verified as random by the player, leading to more transparent and fairer gameplay.

VR and AR

Although it was invented in 1968, VR (virtual reality) wasn’t further developed for many years. In the 2010s, however, the technology underwent a rapid boom. 

Not one to shy away from innovations, the iGaming industry quickly worked to adopt the technology. Today, studios continue to incorporate VR into new games to bring a truly immersive experience to gamblers. 

Likewise, AR (augmented reality) is being used to allow players to insert their favorite casino games into their environments. This brings games to a whole new level by providing a more personal and enjoyable gambling experience. 


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) was first patented in 1973 and has since been rolled out to countless industries in a variety of applications. Among these are access control systems and even the Just Walk Out system used by commerce giant Amazon.

Systems that use RFID comprise two parts: readers and tags. Readers send out almost constant radio waves at a specific frequency, while tags reply to these signals with information that is then used to execute a command or provide information.

In casinos, RFID has been embedded within playing chips. When placed on a table, these provide the casino data on how much money is currently in play. More than this, these embedded tags allow for greater security as various readers can trace their movement across the casino floor.


The implementation of the aforementioned technologies into modern-day gambling has allowed the industry to generate greater interest in its games through heightened interactivity and entertainment value. It has also improved the general gambling experience for both the players and casinos through tightened security measures.

Newer inventions and services will no doubt continue being added to iGaming. Each time this happens, players can look forward to a more rewarding way to play, which in turn helps the industry continue to grow.

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