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The Many Brands of Bourbon You Should Have in Your Collection

by Talha Seo
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Last modified on February 20th, 2024 at 7:45 am

Drink Spanish Wine

Did you know that small amounts of alcohol can reduce stress and ultimately improve heart health?

If wine isn’t your drink of choice, bourbon is an excellent alternative. Much like wine, coffee, and tea, complex flavors combine to create a delicious sip each time you lift your glass. If you’re interested in trying bourbon or want to increase your collection, you need to know your options.

To discover the best brands of bourbon on the market, check out the info below!

Evan Williams

If you’re looking for brands of bourbon that won’t cost a paycheck, Evan Williams is a reliable choice.

Evan Williams falls somewhere in the upper-middle section of the bourbon community. There’s a kick to each drink, with immense flavor and minimal costs. Evan Williams is a wonderful spirit to keep in your home bar because it’s appealing to any whiskey or bourbon enthusiasts.

There are a few variations and flavors, but the Black Label is recommended if you want to get something luxurious. If you order it from restaurants or bars, this bourbon is often considered a “Top Shelf” bourbon.

Many people order Evan Williams when they want to upgrade from Jack Daniel’s. The primary difference, however, is that Jack is a Tennessee whiskey, while Evan Williams is a Kentucky bourbon.

Woodford Reserve

There’s nothing more delicious than a glass of Woodford Reserve, one of the most complex spirits on the market.

Woodford Reserve is a high-end bourbon, made with complex flavors. Since it’s only made in small batches, it can blend flavors and create desirable aromatics. Although this brand hasn’t been around as long as others, it’s built a strong reputation in the industry.

The batching process and flavor combinations make Woodford Reserve great for celebrations. If you want to splurge on a bottle of something new, this is the product to grab.

Basil Hayden

If your old go-to drink was Jim Beam, you might want to give Basil Hayden a try.

Basil Hayden is a well-crafted bourbon, bottled in a beautiful design. The simple appearance emphasizes the strongest points of the beverage, which lie in the flavors. With a high rye content, you can enjoy Basil Hayden alongside dinner or on its own.

This bourbon has a strong reputation since it’s been around since George Washington was in the White House. The best part about this bourbon is that it’s lighter than its competitors. The light flavors make the drink more versatile and enjoyable on the rocks.

This bourbon might be known for its savory notes, but it’s balanced with flavors of vanilla and honey. Both beginners and experienced drinkers tend to savor each sip.


Bourbon collection is exciting because you get to enjoy new flavor combinations but also keep the bottles.

Bulleit bourbon comes in a memorable bottle, showing off its rich caramel color. This bourbon is making its way into almost every bar, but many people have yet to discover its flavors. If you fall in love with a Bulleit drink, there are other flavors to consider.

If you aren’t interested in powerful, pungent bourbons, you may want to pass on these bottles. Collectors and bourbon enthusiasts understand the value they have because of complex combinations.

American Highway Reserve

The American Highway Reserve is a true example of what the South can do.

Celebrity-Endorsed Spirits are some of the best on the market, and Brad Paisley has outdone himself yet again. Although these bottles aren’t cheap, they are far more affordable than high-end brands. Brad Paisley named his bourbon after an iconic cross-country tour truck he took in 2019.

Originally, this bourbon was sold off the back of a truck to match the theme. There’s a spicy oak flavor in the bottle, but many people also note sweeter flavors. Shortbread, spices, and cotton candy have been identified in the aromatics.

Buffalo Trace

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, but not all whiskeys are considered to be bourbon.

Buffalo Trace is associated with several types of whiskey, but their bottles of bourbon pack the biggest punch. Many people like Buffalo Trace for its sweeter flavors and scents. Instead of getting hit with a pungent aroma, you’ll notice notes of vanilla and spice.

Bourbon enthusiasts often rave about Buffalo Trace and recommend you avoid mixed drinks. Mixing this bottle of bourbon with another beverage can take away from its characteristics. Before you pour yourself a glass, uncork the bottle and take a breath of the complex aromatics.

If you’re hosting an event and want to create a spread, there are plenty of pairings for Buffalo Trace. Cherry, citrus, and chocolate are the perfect treats while you sip on your glasses to experience something new. When you combine food with bourbon, you enter a new level of depth and flavor.

Four Roses

Your collection of bourbon should consist of flavorful and unique options.

Four Roses is a highly recommended bourbon because it’s unlike any other bottle coming out of Kentucky. Bottles of Four Roses have complex flavors that still give justice to delicate floral notes. Mixed florals, honey, and spices create depth and you’ll notice something new with each sip.

While some bourbons have a thinner consistency, Four Roses will go down without issues. Many people enjoy this bourbon because it creates a smooth and velvety experience. You can swish the bourbon in your mouth for a moment to capture the main ingredients.

Pairing this bourbon with dishes and desserts can highlight other flavors. Apples, cheese, and chocolate are the perfect pairings for bourbon tastings with Four Roses.

How Many Brands of Bourbon Have You Sipped On?

With so many brands of bourbon on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect bottle.

Whether you want to splurge on a special bottle or find something cheaper, you should enjoy every sip. Kentucky bourbon is special because it’s made with rich flavors that balance bitterness and smoothness. Don’t be afraid to try a few brands and flavors, especially if you’re touring bourbon distilleries.

Take a look at our blog if you want to learn more about bourbon and build your spirits collection!

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