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The Best Free AI Background Remover You Should Know About – insMind

by Syed Qasim
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The world of photo editing is huge, and there are many professional editing tools and background removers available online. However, what guarantee is that every editor or background remover you come across on your search engine will deliver the same results it promises? None, right?

This brings us to the question: How would you know which AI background remover you should pick? Well, do not worry; we will help you with that. Hop on below to read a detailed guide on one of the best free AI background removers in the market and reasons why using it might work for your best benefit.


The Best AI Background Remover – insMind

When thinking of the best AI background remover, only one tool or service comes to mind. Which one are we talking about? Well, if you guessed insMind, then you stan absolutely correct.

insMind is one of the best free AI photo editors in the market. The service is designed to enhance product photos by making them the only focus on the subject by quickly removing and erasing any distracting background objects. All while helping you add or generate new backgrounds that you prefer. 

The service is tailored for product image design and offers a comprehensive suite of tools that help users create high-quality designs easily. This aspect makes the service an excellent pick for both beginners and professionals. The user-friendly interface and powerful AI-powered tools help users create high-quality designs without any prior design experience.

While this description might have intrigued you, and you may be thinking of hopping on the tool to edit pictures and remove backgrounds from a few, we suggest you hold your horses and continue reading below to understand how you can do this in the easy steps we have concluded for you below!

How to Remove Background Step-by-Step with insMind?

For years, people have tried to find the best free tool to remove background from images easily. However, the launch of insMind has brought a conclusion to this search because removing backgrounds has become so much easier with this exceptional tool.

Removing backgrounds from images not only makes them look clean and less cluttered but also brings the visual focus to the theme or object that you are trying to highlight. This, hence, helps make the product photos higher in quality and up to standard. If all this intrigued you, then we are sure you’d want to know how you can use this tool for your benefit. Well, follow the step-by-step guide that we have mentioned for you below:

Step 1: Launch insMind

Visit the insMind official website or click on the link we mentioned here. You will then be immediately led to the main interface of the service page.

Step 2: Start from a Photo

Now, click on the ‘Start from a Photo’ icon. This will give the service access to your device gallery, where you can choose the picture from which you want to remove the background.

Then, search for the image you want and tap on it. Once done, click on the ‘Open’ button to import the image.

Step 3: Remove the Product Background from the Image

Once your image has been added, insMind will use the ‘Cutout’ feature by default to remove the current background and turn it transparent. After this, you can click on the Edit button to adjust the generated image and achieve better generation results.

Step 4: Download Your Image

When you have achieved the results you need, export the image to your PC by clicking on the ‘Download’ button at the top right corner. If you want to download the image with a transparent channel, prefer adjusting the background transparency to 0 and download the image in PNG format. This will help you achieve a transparent product image.

What Else insMind AI Background Remover Do?

While popularly known for its ability to remove BG, the service doesn’t limit itself to this. In fact, the service has many exceptional features in its pocket that users can benefit from. 

To start off, apart from removing the background, insMind is quite efficient in changing and replacing it with an image of your choice. Moreover, users can also generate backgrounds according to their liking and preferences and erase any unwanted or focus-disturbing objects from the image.

Apart from all this, changing the size of the image and enhancing and expanding the photo from this tool are a few perks that insMind provides to all its loyal and new customers.

Benefits of Using an AI Background Remover

While you may have read about the exceptional background remover, there is one question that probably might still linger in your head. If you are thinking about what the benefits of using a free AI background remover are, then let us give you an insight on this as well:

It Saves Money

Given that insMind is free, the service would come off as an efficient and cost-effective solution for editing photos to remove background. This is one benefit many photo editors and premium software applications often fail to provide but worry not because insMind will always be at your service.

Automatically Detects the Background

The insMind application automatically detects the background from the image without any manual selection process from the user’s end. The AI algorithm automatically detects and senses the background present in the image and removes it at your convenience.

Crops Out Complex Objects

Through the service, you can also remove and crop out complex objects that hinder the main focus. The process hardly takes a few seconds, and the results are high-quality.


If you are searching for the best AI background remover, we hope this article was helpful for you. insMind is a service with exceptional features and a simple interface. So, even if you are a beginner or someone who is not quite techy, the service would be a piece of cake to operate. Check it out today!

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