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Exploring the World of Ski Bri: An OnlyFans Sensation

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Ski Bri

Discover the rise to fame of Ski Bri, the Instagram and OnlyFans model known for her bold looks. Explore her private life and net worth.

Social media is full of beautiful models, but not all are as famous. They may have tons of pictures and brand partnerships, but most models are desperate to get attention without posting good stuff.

As a top 1% model on Onlyfans and her exclusive adult content, she has become an internet sensation. Ski Bri is different in this regard. While some would say she’s an attention seeker by showing her body on the internet, others would say her influence is real and she’s more than any other Onlyfans model. 

As Onlyfans is a way to get attention and money, Ski Bri uses Instagram and Onlyfans to get what she wants.

In this article, we will take a look at how Ski Bri became so famous on the internet, what her net worth is in 2023, and how her fashion, body, and content are different from other models on the media-sharing platform.

Ski Bri’s Rise to OnlyFans Stardom

It is said that Ski Bri didn’t start her career at Onlyfans right away. At first, she became famous on TikTok thanks to her sizzling lip-sync videos. After her fame on TikTok, she started getting famous on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Ski Bri's Rise to OnlyFans Stardom

Image Source: Instagram (realskybri)

Once she came to know her body was amazing and this was what her followers wanted, she started an Onlyfans account and it blew in an instant because she already had a huge following. After that, she started showing more than what Instagram allowed, and this was where her followers started making her rich via her Onlyfans subscriptions.

Now, she makes more than what we think and her videos and pictures are viral on the internet, bringing more people to buy her stuff.

From Target Employee to Millionaire in Months

On the “Lena The Plug” podcast in 2022, Sky Bri revealed that she was working at Target, and one day, she quit on the spot and decided to become a model and started uploading pictures on Instagram and started making TikTok videos.

Lucky for her, she had the looks and the body, and most importantly, she knew how to sell herself on Onlyfans and No Jumper. Now, Sky Bri is a millionaire and all this happened in a matter of months.

Ski Bri Biography

Ski Bri, full name Skyler Bri, is an Instagram model, influencer, and actress on Onlyfans. She was born on February 21, 1999, in Pennsylvania. This American-born bold actress has now become an internet sensation, and everyone’s talking about her bold and sizzling content.

Ski Bri Biography

Image Source: Instagram (realskybri)

NameSkyler Bri (Ski Bri)
Age24 Years
Birthday21 Feb 1999
BirthplaceLancaster, Pennsylvania
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
BoyfriendJake Paul (ex)
Nationality American
Height 5’ 8”
Weight122 lbs
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown

Sky Bri Body Dimensions

Ski Bri stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs approximately 55 kg (or 122 lbs), and has a body measurement of 36-26-35.

Sky Bri Body Dimensions

Image Source: Instagram (realskybri)

Her blonde/brown hair and green eyes complement her fair skin tone, and her well-maintained body shape is the result of her dedication to the gym and yoga. Not only does she have a fit physique, but she also possesses a beautiful and charming face.

Ski Bri Relationships and Boyfriends

Even though she hasn’t made any of her relationships public, there is one she always talks about and that’s Jake Paul. She once revealed on a podcast that she dated boxer and internet sensation Jake Paul for a while, but due to unknown reasons, they broke up.

Once the news got out on the internet about their relationship, Ski Bri started getting famous as she was known as Jake Paul’s girlfriend, and Jake Paul was one of the most famous YouTubers at the time.

Now, Jake Paul hasn’t confirmed these rumors and it is only Sky Bri who’s claimed to be her girlfriend. After Jake Paul, she officially became an Onlyfans model, and we do know that Onlyfans models are in “open” relationships.

Sky Bri Parents and Siblings

When it comes to her family, she hasn’t shared any information about her mother, father, or even siblings. She is an internet model – that’s all we know.

Sky Bri on Social Media

Sky Bri has her accounts on multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Twitch, and Onlyfans. On Instagram, she has over 1.7 million followers with Snoop Dogg and the chain-smokers following this model. 

Sky Bri started her Twitch channel in 2022, and she now has well over 25,000 active followers who enjoy watching her live streams. Her Onlyfans account is the most active among all her social accounts and she makes most of her money from her Onlyfans content. 

Her Onlyfans subscription is $20/month, and based on that, she makes thousands of dollars per month selling her videos and pictures online.

Sky Bri Net Worth and Income in 2023

Sky Bri’s net worth is over $5 million as of 2023, thanks to her Onlyfans success and adult videos career. After Onlyfans, she started making videos for adult studios closing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of contracts, which have skyrocketed her income as well as net worth.

Before her independent adult career, her sole source of income was Onlyfans, but now that it has changed as her adult modeling career is paying big bucks, Sky Bri is worth over $5 million and her income and net worth are increasing day by day as more people search and want to see her content. 


In conclusion, Ski Bri rose to fame on social media for her bold and sexy looks, especially on Onlyfans and Instagram. She quit her job at Target to pursue a career in modeling and has become a top 1% model on OnlyFans where she earns a lot of money. 

With a net worth of over $5 million, she has become a household name on the internet and her videos are loved by her fans. Despite being in the public eye, Ski Bri has kept her personal life private as she prefers not to talk about her family or siblings. Her videos and pictures on OnlyFans are highly popular and have earned her a huge following, making her an internet sensation.

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