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Saffron During Pregnancy: Benefits And Side Effects 

by Abdus Subhan
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I recall my experience of using saffron for the first time. With my mom behind my back, making sure that I didn’t waste too much of it. Like it was some gold dust! And probably that’s how most of us still think of it – less of a spice and more of a valuable gem. 

So what makes saffron so costly? To answer your question, we need you to first have a look at this saffron flower.

Yes, that’s it – the tiny strands (stigma) in the centre of the flower. It takes around 60,000 of these flowers to make a kilogram of saffron – the explanation for its huge cost! 

But is saffron worth all the hype? Maybe yes. With all the available research, it has become pretty clear that this popular spice is also nutrient-rich, with an array of health benefits. This is why it became trendy among pregnant women. And not because consuming it during pregnancy will make their baby’s complexion fair (just another old wive’s tale)

In this blog, we’ll take you through the benefits of saffron, particularly for moms-to-be, in detail. 

How Does Saffron Benefit Pregnant Women?

In a lot of ways! And the following points will help you understand how it actually benefits expectant mothers:

  • For your heart: Your growing baby puts a lot of additional burden on your heart. It starts working harder and beating faster to nourish the new part of your body (your growing baby). And this may compromise your heart health. Saffron, being rich in several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds can bring in some much-needed help. Apart from facilitating regulation of the fluctuating BP (common during pregnancy), saffron may also help keep the blood vessels clean. Wondering how? The magical property can be attributed to crocetin, a powerful carotenoid present in saffron, that prevents the gooey fat from sticking onto your artery walls and wreaking havoc. 
  • For your mind: The symptoms associated with pregnancy can be unsettling sometimes (or most of the time). Blame it on your fluctuating hormones! The first few trimesters are tougher. Enter saffron! Apart from instilling a mood-enhancing effect (by boosting serotonin levels), saffron also exhibits hypnotic effects and helps moms-to-be sleep better – something that’s crucial for a healthy pregnancy. 
  • For your gut: Being pregnant can call for a lot of stomach issues. But we’ve got you covered. Just try incorporating a dash of saffron in your diet and see how your problems begin to vanish. Studies show that the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties of saffron and its compounds help keep the digestive systems healthy. They may even help in fighting some treacherous conditions of the gut, for instance, cancer. 
  • For labour: We’re sure that just thinking of labour day is enough to give moms-to-be nightmares. And a magic pill that reduces labour pain or even makes labour shorter is like a dream. Now read the next line carefully… Research has shown that saffron can ease your labour pain and also shorten its duration owing to its muscle relaxant properties. Tell me you didn’t just take a sigh of relief!

Now that you’ve learnt about the multitude of therapeutic benefits that this ‘golden spice’ possesses, we’d like to take you to the next section. Here we talk about how pregnant women can relish saffron and reap its benefits.

What Is The Best Way For Pregnant Women To Consume Saffron? 

Saffron is a versatile condiment and you may take it in any form that you please (remember about the safe limits). You may add it to your favourite preparations like biryanis and pulao for colour and flavour. Or mix it in your drink for that health boost. A popular choice among pregnant women is saffron milk. That’s made by simply mixing saffron strands with milk and bringing the mix to a rolling boil. 

Sip it while it’s still warm and enjoy…but with caution! Because there are a few things about saffron’s safety profile that you need to keep in mind when pregnant. Or even otherwise for that matter. Continue reading to find out the answers to your whys and hows.

Is Saffron Safe During All Phases Of Pregnancy? 

Not really. Even with the multitude of therapeutic properties, saffron should be consumed cautiously and within safe limits (less than 1.5g/day). Because it has a tendency to soften the cervix as if in preparation for labour. And this very property may become a threat to the foetus and cause miscarriage. Another reason is its negative impact on the baby’s developing body parts. Some anecdotes tell us that saffron was, in earlier days, used for the very purpose of abortion, probably because of these properties. So, it’s best to keep saffron at bay during pregnancy and more so in the 1st trimester.

We’d tell you that’s the end of it but it isn’t. There are several other side effects of saffron to consider for women who are pregnant: 

  • Headaches
  • Appetite changes
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Drowsiness

Summing Up

Saffron, as you would have understood by now, comes with a lot of health benefits for pregnant women. But it should always be consumed in moderation. For a personalised understanding of its safe dosage, consult your doctor.

As a parent, you always want nothing but what’s best for your baby’s health. And this doesn’t stop after your baby’s birth. Therefore, having explained the benefits and ill effects of consuming saffron during your pregnancy, we would like to make you aware of other important things to consider during pregnancy. Did you know? You can safeguard the future health of your newborn right from birth with LifeCell’s BabyCord.

Wondering how? Let us explain. 

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