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Licensed Contractors Are Trained to Repair Drywall

by Bryan Cunningham
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Repair Drywall

Homeowners who have drywall that needs repair or replacing should rely on licensed contractors with extensive training and experience to get the best results. When a homeowner needs new drywall installed in a renovation or addition it is also important to rely on licensed professionals. Anyone who has attempted to install or repair their own drywall knows how difficult it is to get a nice smooth result.

Drywall is Not Easy to Repair

Depending on what is wrong with drywall, it can be difficult to repair to a nice smooth finish. Professional drywall experts know what steps to take for the best results. Knowing how to repair drywall is one of the basic skills of building and remodeling contractors and drywall installers. But a homeowner who attempts drywall repairs might make the wall look worse.

There are a few steps to doing a proper drywall repair that an untrained homeowner might not be aware of. A repair that is obvious is worse than no repair at all and one that will not hold up is a waste of time and energy. In addition, doing a proper drywall repair takes a few specialized tools and materials, and time. A busy person who does not have the tools would be better off hiring a professional to do the repair.

Installing new drywall can be awkward and time-consuming. The 4 x 8 panels are heavy and easy to damage. If you drop a panel, it can break or crack or get dented corners. Cutting drywall panels to size is a skill that must be learned. If a panel is cut wrong, a new panel must be used. A few mistakes can be expensive. In addition, the drywall must be properly supported and drywall screws correctly spaced.

Once the drywall sheets are up or the repair material has been applied, a person needs to sand it correctly. If the area is not sanded enough, it will not be smooth. If it is sanded too much, the drywall surface will be damaged. Some people just cannot master the technique of repairing drywall or installing whole sheets of drywall. They make them seem too tight or too big, they drive the screws in too far or not far enough, and they can’t get the sanding smooth and effective. Taping those drywalls seems not easy.

Why Does drywall Need Repairing?

Drywall might not look so good, but why repair it? One reason to repair damaged drywall is to protect it from further damage from water and moisture. Water can also cause the main damage when there is a leaking pipe, spilled water, or an effort to remove wallpaper. If drywall is not repaired, moisture can enter and make the damage worse or allow mold to invade the wall. Damaged drywall can make a home less energy-efficient.

Tools and Materials

Tools and materials needed include a utility knife, a drywall joint knife, a drywall smoothing tool, sandpaper of several grits, joint compound, primer/sealer, matching touch-up paint, and time. The damage will need to be cut away evenly with a sharp utility knife. The damaged area and drywall paper will need to be sealed with several coats of oil-based sealer. Then use a joint knife to smooth out the paper fibers and get ready to apply the joint compound. This might take several coats with sanding in between and afterward.

Just Hire the Professionals

It is best to hire a professional contractor with training and experience in drywall repair and installation. They can do the job correctly and quickly at a reasonable cost. If this seems like a lot of work for one spot, consider how long a wall with numerous spots of damage will take a person without experience in drywall repairs.

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