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Preparing your Car for Removal

by Michael
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When you decide to hire a car removal Brisbane service, or one closer to where you are in the country, you then need to know how to prepare the car. Some of these things can be done by the professionals collecting the car and some need to be done by yourself before they come. Here is a quick overview.

Things you need to do to prepare your car

  1. Cleaning out the interior – Before you hand the car over to a car removal Brisbane business, you will need to remove all personal belongings and make sure to check carefully that you have found it all. Check the dash, the car doors and even under the car seats as well as the boot. Things slide around and you should make sure you get it, as once the car is taken you cannot get it back. Things people often leave behind include paperwork, bags, sunglasses, toll pass transponders, phone chargers and garage openers.
  2. Cleaning the exterior – With a car removal service you do not need to make it spotless but giving it just a quick clean is a good way to take a last look and make sure nothing of value is left behind.
  3. Contact a car removal business – When the car is ready you can then contact businesses for quotes and choose the one you prefer, making sure they offer free pick up. You could drive it to a yard if it still works but usually, a pick up is more convenient. Most operate around customers and will come when you are home from work and so on. It is okay to research what your car might be worth and negotiate with the cash for cars Brisbane┬áservice.

Things you or the professional might handle

  1. Fluids need to be drained – It is important for safety reasons and certain things should be removed and disposed of legally and safely. It includes engine oil, petrol, coolant and brake fluid. If it is not something you need to do they will handle it. It needs to be done before the car is wrecked.
  2. Other hazardous materials to be removed – There are a number of hazardous materials to take care of including batteries that can leak acid and airbags.
  3. Identifying and removing valuable components – Some people will take certain parts if they know they can re-use them or sell them, like types for example. But that is also something the cash for cars Brisbane experts will look at and the valuation is based in part on the kind of components on the car they are interested in. if you do remove any parts it is important they are stored correctly and safely.


When it comes to preparing your car for removal there is not a huge amount you have to do especially if it is going to a scrapping yard. Check with the professionals and ask them about the safe disposal of the fluids and hazardous materials to make sure they are not dumping them incorrectly and unsafely.

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