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Post graduation in Digital Marketing should be your next best career move

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The marketing field has evolved tremendously. The industry is shifting from television advertisements to digital media. With this shift, businesses are also moving towards digital marketing. In addition, the Internet offers endless opportunities for companies to grow their presence on social media. And post-graduation in digital marketing can help you build a lucrative career in this diverse field.

In this thorough blog, we will discuss why you should pursue an MBA digital Marketing, the job roles of digital marketers, the benefits of becoming a digital marketer, and an overview of the PGCM Digital Marketing course by IMS Proschool.

Let’s start!

Digital Marketing: What is it?

Before heading towards why you should go ahead with MBA digital marketing, let’s look into the concept of digital marketing and what it is. Digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing, but online.

In digital marketing, businesses try to sell their products and services with the help of various social media platforms. They create their online presence with an aim to reach out to & engage with potential clients to grow their business.

As companies try to benefit from the power of social media, they hire skilled and experienced digital marketers to help them build a solid online presence. The field is also highly creative and versatile in nature.

What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is responsible for the creation, execution, and management of all the online marketing campaigns to promote an organization’s products/services and build its online presence.

A skilled digital marketer plays a significant role in bringing up a brand’s presence on various social media platforms, getting more traffic, and attracting potential customers. Moreover, a digital marketer also discovers different tools and technologies to optimize digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

Endless Career Prospects after completing Post Graduation in Digital Marketing

Social Media Strategist

After completing a flexi MBA in digital marketing, you’ll be equipped with various digital marketing skills that will make you suitable for the Social Media Strategist job role. A Social Media Strategist holds the expertise and skills required for moving forward with effective online campaigns.

Social Media Strategists are responsible for analyzing the impact of various social media campaigns, how the brand’s target audience reacts to them, generating leads, and building strong brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are a valuable part of the digital marketing team. You’ll need 5-7 years of experience to get hired as a Digital Marketing Manager. As a Digital Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for improving the website, creating effective strategies, managing development, tackling marketing campaigns, etc.

SEO Content Writer

SEO Content Writers are responsible for researching trending topics relevant to the industry and creating online content, including social media copies, blogs, website content, advertisements, etc. This content is developed by integrating keywords, SEO insights, and more.

Web Developer

Web Developers are the professionals who develop websites. A Web Developer modifies, codes, and designs websites to make them user-friendly. Web Developers also ensure that websites are appealing to the user’s eye.

Content Strategist

The main job responsibility of a Content Strategist is to come up with various content strategies based on the company’s objectives and target audience. They’re also responsible for handling the company’s content requirements and developing SEO-optimized content.

SEO and SEM Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization or SEO specialist or Search Engine Marketing or SEM specialist manages the paid campaigns of different social media platforms. SEO or SEM specialists handle all the aspects of paid campaigns, like budget, strategy, execution, etc.

Email Marketing Specialist

As an Email Marketing Specialist, you’ll be managing email campaigns and churning leads through emails. The main responsibilities of an Email Marketing Specialist include designing & running email campaigns, creating newsletters, analyzing the database, and making necessary improvements for the best results.

What Should You Study to Become a Skilled Digital Marketer?

To begin your career as a digital marketer, you should have completed basic 10+2 education. To join a renowned company, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, you can also pursue various online digital marketing courses to gain various certifications relevant to the field.

To advance in your digital marketing career, you must pursue PGCM Digital Marketing and gain work experience. Most companies are always looking for digital marketing professionals who are experienced and have acquired knowledge & skills.

Pursuing MBA digital marketing will open doors to various high-paying job profiles in the industry and allow you to build a solid career in the long run.

How to Get Started with PGCM in Digital Marketing?

If you want to start with PGCM Digital Marketing, you should look into the digital marketing course IMS Proschool offers. IMS Proschool’s PGCM Digital Marketing program will allow you to gain a certification approved by AICTE. The AICTE-approved certification will get highlighted in your resume and make you stand out compared to other candidates.

You’ll be learning under industry experts and studying actively by solving real-life scenarios. After completing the PGCM Digital Marketing course, you can continue to pursue the course for another year within the next five years with the All India Management Association to gain the PGDM qualification, which is equivalent to an MBA.

The PGCM Digital Marketing course offered by IMS Proschool consists of two terms. Each term covers various subjects related to the digital marketing field.

IMS Proschool offers a dual mode of education: Online mode & classroom teaching mode. In addition, you’ll have personal mentors who’ll help clear your doubts at all times.

After completing the course, you’ll gain two certifications:

  • AICTE Approved PG Certificate in Management
  • NSDC certification

Why is Choosing a Career in Digital Marketing Your Best Bet?

The demand for professional digital marketers is escalating by the day as more companies are entering the digital world. MBA digital marketing is an investment to advance in the field and become a proficient digital marketer.

The increasing number of brands going online and customers shifting to online purchases has broadened the scope of the digital marketing field. This means that pursuing a flexi MBA can prove to be an excellent move for your career and assure an impressive salary package.

Following are the benefits of having a career in digital marketing:

Multiple Career Opportunities

Digital marketing doesn’t have limited scope as organizations from all sectors can use digital marketing to grow and expand their business. After completing MBA digital marketing, you can choose from various job profiles depending on your experience & skillset.

A Hike in Your Salary

Digital marketing is a growing domain with an increasing demand for digital marketers. However, due to the scarcity of proficient digital marketers, companies offer high salary packages to digital marketers with the flexi MBA certification.

Digital marketers get an added benefit from experience in the industry and relevant certifications. Thus, allowing them to get hired at good packages.

Increased Market Value

The gap between the demand/supply for digital marketing professionals has increased the market value of skilled digital marketers in the field. As a result, companies are actively looking for digital marketers with MBA digital marketing certification, making digital marketing a great career option for you.

Evolving & Diverse Industry

Digital marketing is a growing industry that will ensure that you keep evolving and don’t get stuck with one job role. Apart from job security, you’ll also be working in a diverse environment, ensuring that you keep growing in the field. As a digital marketer, you’ll be wholly invested in the field while improving and learning constantly.

Highly Flexible

Flexibility is one of the most significant benefits of this field. Digital marketing is entirely based online. All you’ll need is an adequate Internet connection, and you’ll be able to work from any part of the world. Thus, a career in digital marketing offers flexibility and freedom as it doesn’t require your physical presence.

Skills Required for an Advance Career in Digital Marketing

Like any other profession, you need to acquire various skills to have a fruitful career in digital marketing. Following are a few vital skills that you’ll need to become a skilled digital marketer:

Expertise in Advertising

Digital marketing revolves around advertising. Advertising is an intense subject with various concepts and aspects. If you’re trying to excel in digital marketing, it is vital to have expertise in advertising and learn everything on the subject.

The Skill to Sell

A good digital marketer doesn’t just collect leads. Instead, they gain leads and also have impressive skills to sell. Companies often look for digital marketers who hold the ability to sell their brand effectively.

Accurate Reasoning

Accurate reasoning is one of the most important skills a digital marketer needs to hone. As a digital marketer, you need to be able to differentiate between the judgment and measurement of marketing theories and initiatives. You must know how to go about marketing strategies by focusing on the ones that hold utmost importance.

Creative and Analytical Thinking Abilities

You also need to have creative and analytical thinking abilities. Each marketing strategy and campaign requires adequate thinking to ensure your digital marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

The Takeaway

A solid career in digital marketing proves to be highly fruitful if you do it right, gain experience, and get the MBA digital marketing certification. As a digital marketer, you’ll constantly be learning something new, and pursuing a flexi MBA will ensure that you become an important part of businesses.

If you are interested in building a career in digital marketing, you should check out the PGCM Digital Marketing course offered by IMS Proschoolright away!

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