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Online Pharmacy Trends in 2023: What’s Changing in the Industry

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Last modified on April 6th, 2024 at 8:57 pm


While things were certainly already changing and advancing in terms of online pharmacies like PricePro Pharmacy in Canada the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated things in a big way. A lot of people moved to use online pharmacies to avoid being out in public and the risk of the virus and have stayed using them now that the urgency of lockdowns and stay-home orders seems to be over. The pandemic made some things very obvious about changes in the pharmacy industry and 2023 trends that will certainly continue. The trends we look at here are extending healthcare services offered, offering more online opportunities and embracing technology.

Extending healthcare services pharmacies offer

With the pandemic came the need for more healthcare workers. But there were only so many retired people that came back and students graduated and so on. In order to help lift some of the burden physical pharmacies took on some of the work. Offering vaccinations, access to rapid tests, and so on. Online pharmacies could not offer places for vaccinations if they did not have a physical location but they offered things like masks and tests too. In a lot of places, those additional powers granted to pharmacies have not been lifted and they continue to be a way to help an overtaxed healthcare system. What those additional powers are varies from one place to another but things like certain prescription renewals, substituting medications and administering vaccinations are examples.

More online options

A big change as mentioned was the acceleration of online ordering. People wanted to limit their exposure to the virus. A lot of stores that only offered physical locations to their customers realized they needed to keep up with the times and offer online ordering as well as delivery options. People who turned to online ordering have found that its convenience and cost savings make it worth sticking with even now that people are going back out to the shops once more.

Adopting new technology

Another trend in the pharmacy industry is that the lack of labor caused by the pandemic made it essential that pharmacies adopt the latest in technologies so that they could stay open and to avoid stock shortages. Such technology includes things like electronic shelf labels, barcoding, and more. It has also included things like taking customer’s phone numbers and sending texts to confirm orders to avoid making mistakes and to keep things operating optimally.

PricePro Pharmacy in Canada

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