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Low-Cost Software Tools to Boost Real World Experience in Predictive Analytics

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Low-Cost Software Tools to Boost Real World Experience in Predictive Analytics

Enhancing customer experience should always be your company’s top priority—the only variances should be how companies strive to achieve that goal. Every industry and company is unique, and so are its customers. Being able to tailor particular aspects of your company’s business model to meet individual customers’ needs is the wave of right now and the future.

The use of analytics to gain actionable insights into what people want and need from products and services has revolutionized everything from healthcare to mobile service. Continue reading to learn about some of the powerful tools that are transforming real-world experience.

TIBCO Data Science Software


It’s only natural to stockpile data science software when you know there’s a global business intelligence war raging. Every industry and sector of government is employing big data analytics to optimize their products and services. The problem with amassing so many different enterprise applications is they don’t always cooperate.

When you’re running multiple software programs in your enterprise infrastructure, and they don’t work cohesively, it’s like siblings who don’t talk to each other running a family business. This chaos creates what is known in data science as information silos. Everyone has valuable intelligence pieces, but none of them has the whole picture or is willing to share what they have.

TIBCO’s low cost data science platform is like a stern but understanding parent for siblings who can’t work together. It’s an enterprise application integration tool that applies data science to deploy new programs across enterprise infrastructures.

It standardizes raw data, and data visualization makes data aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand across all enterprise-level software programs. Their team of citizen data scientists applies predictive analytics to give companies and organizations valuable real-time insights that help them make better decisions. TIBCO Software Inc. also allows students in data science to lease their program free.

Apache Spark


Apache is one of the software developers who’s gained a reputation for making their products and services affordable for the people who need them most—small business owners. Business users of Apache Spark can make changes to the program themselves and redistribute it how they please.

Imagine what that capability can do for your business. Apache Spark is the ultimate small business tool with TIBCO running your data management operations and the insights they give you. It gives you data parody across computer clusters whether your network is in onsite service or distributed across the United States.

Genware Data Visualization and Analytics Tool


The key to getting the most out of your business intelligence, especially predictive analytics, capabilities of your enterprise is putting together a system of programs created by companies with partnerships. It’s the most sure-fire way to ensure your system runs harmoniously and benefits from the full capabilities of all of your data science tools.

Genware is another program that uses the power of predictive analytics for the optimization of its user interface. They use predictive analysis to give, coupled with data visualization, to help their customers make smarter decisions. Their software employs machine learning to power IoT systems and allows them to share information as well as modify operations in real-time.

Unleashing your enterprise infrastructure’s full analytics capabilities requires that you create a framework of enterprise applications capable of handling your data needs. Even though your system consists of multiple enterprise-level applications, you can get them all to work synergistically with the right platforms.

TIBCO’s data science and application integration software turns your dashboard into a one-stop-shop for all of your data analytics solutions. The right big data analytics and predictive algorithm framework capacitate your company to make better decisions and take smarter actions at the right time.

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