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Living In Dubai – What Foreigners Must Know

by Oscar Leo
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The prospect of moving to Dubai excites literally everyone. People usually move to Dubai to improve the standard of living and enjoy amazing amenities along with great investment opportunities. The process of looking for Central Park City Walk, apartments, and properties has also gotten easier with the government of UAE encouraging the expats to come and contribute to the growing economy. However, moving to any new country can be daunting, the same can be said for Dubai if you don’t have the necessary knowledge to do things the right way. 

Read further to learn about the pros and cons of living in Dubai, along with some useful tips to know what to expect when you arrive there. 

The Pros Of Residing In Dubai:

  • For anyone who likes to enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and earn a good amount of money, Dubai is by far the best place for them. Moreover, Dubai is an exciting destination filled with great amenities. 
  • The weather of Dubai remains perfectly bearable and allows people to work outdoors comfortably for 8 months a year. Days are usually long and hot and the beautiful warm sea gives an even better feel.
  • Dubai is truly amazing for social life. It’s eccentric and diverse. Most foreigners choose to live in hotels and private resorts when they arrive and spend most of their leisure time enjoying great amenities. Others can enjoy sports, as there are many sports clubs built close to each other within the emirates. The social side of Dubai comes to life as the sun goes down, and you’ll come across amazing bars, clubs, restaurants, and malls in Dubai. 
  • The education in Dubai is progressing with every passing day with many new schools, colleges, and universities opening up. 
  • There are no taxes imposed on incomes, which is a great thing.
  • The process of repatriation is easy in Dubai, so whatever you earn from Dubai can be easily sent back to your home.
  • The shopping experience in Dubai is fantastic
  • There is very little or no crime rate, so any person coming from abroad can feel safe and secure. 
  • Known for embracing diversity, Dubai is very tolerant of others’ beliefs. Although it’s an Islamic state, there are no strict rules and regulations to be followed by the expats, as they can easily buy alcohol, and eat and drink anything at any time. 
  • Most importantly, vehicles and petrol rates are very cheap in Dubai. 

The Cons Of Living In Dubai

  • Dubai can be a headache for foreigners who aren’t aware of the legal procedures and laws of the place. Expatriates have to get licenses and permits for literally everything. Permit to buy alcohol, license for driving, permit for work, and even permit for residence. 
  • The summer period starting from the end of May to September is almost unbearable due to the extremely hot climate.  You can only survive if you live in-doors and your rooms, offices, and even vehicles are air-conditioned. 
  • With a huge population of Europeans and Asians pouring into the region, the traffic issues are worsening in Dubai. Although the government is working on public transport to ease the situation
  • The cost of living in Dubai is very expensive
  • Working hours in Dubai can be very unfair. The international firms operating here expect a great deal from their employees.
  • Inflation in Dubai is on the rise and the property and rental prices are massive. 

Every place in the world has its pros and cons, and as for Dubai, we can safely say it’s an amazing place to be at. However, if you’re planning to move to this great city, make sure you do your research about everything. Search online and get the best Central Park City Walk Dubai apartments and also learn about all the legal procedures of the place. 

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