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Know The Benefits Of Further Study In Australia With Graduate Visa 485

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Graduate Visa 485

After finishing your graduation studies in Australia, you may find some of your peers planning about doing further postgraduate studies there. Hearing their plans, you may also become curious to know what benefits a postgraduate study may offer.

Well, let us speak directly. From deepening the professional knowledge to getting formal work experience in the Australian work culture to learning new things, a postgraduate study in Australia offers a lot to an international student. Simply put, it will increase your potential to become very successful in the latter part of your career.

What Is Post graduate visa 485?

Once you complete your undergraduate degrees, such as a Bachelor’s or a Diploma, you can then choose a postgraduate study. The degree may be a Master’s degree or Graduate Diploma, in which different postgraduate education levels are represented.

In Australia, an international student will need a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 to allow them to stay, work, and study upon completion of their graduate study and expiration of the Australian student visa. A professional immigration agent in Adelaide can help you with the application.

How Can Your Postgraduate Study Help You?

A postgraduate study with the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 will help you acquire new technical skills and deepen your knowledge in a specific role in the industry. The immediate benefits of postgraduate study are as follows.

Higher Median Salary

Gaining more knowledge from a postgraduate course will help you get more preference from your employers. Having these crucial skills, along with the extra experience and knowledge gained from the study, will convince employers to think that you can contribute more. It will naturally higher your value as an employee.

According to a recent survey, the median salaries are now more than $20000 higher for those with a postgraduate degree compared to those who have an undergraduate degree.

Increased Employability

Having a postgraduate degree will also make you different from other applicants. In competitive hiring examinations, a postgraduate qualification from a world-ranked university can give you some extra mileage. Generally, candidates who have prior work experience always get more preference from the employers. And while doing a postgraduate study in Australia, you can easily gain that experience.

The Australian postgraduate rules allow a student visa 500 holder who has no undergraduate degree but has relevant work experience. If you are one such student, you can show your employers substantial work experience and formal education.

Progress Of Career

As a careerist individual, you will undoubtedly want to develop your career. You may look for a promotion or try to learn new things to diversify your skills. And postgraduate study will be an excellent stepping stone to transform those plans into reality. A postgraduate degree can help you learn industry-specific skills and develop critical thinking, which is given the top priority at employment.


After coming to university, you can meet many like-minded personalities, including top industry professionals. Talking with them can give you good exposure to new industry trends. Also, if you meet people from the same industries as you, any contacts may prove to be productive in the future. Apart from industry experts, you can also get in touch with a wide range of people whose knowledge and experience can help you learn many life lessons.

Best Practice

Industries go through constant changes to keep up with the pace of advancing technology and the global economy. That is why whenever someone spends a more extended period, they may feel that they are leaving behind in terms of industry best practices and new developments. But a postgraduate degree will make sure you never fall behind and gives the students access to new sets of information and the most current industry practices.

Postgraduate courses sometimes have accreditation with a governing industry body, which helps students update their knowledge about the industry trends and standards.

Validation By Association

Australia has some of the best global universities, and doing postgraduate study from such an institution will help you get more preference when applying for job positions in high-rated companies. Finishing postgraduate study from a reputed education institution will help you gain recognition from international employers.

Study Satisfaction

Another important reason to enroll in a postgraduate course is personal satisfaction. Reasons for study can be limitless. You may want to know about a new business area in which you have grown interests, or maybe you want to learn a new industry role, or perhaps you want to study for your personal development.

Whatever the reason be, the study will always be inspiring and exciting and make a positive impact on your personal life and work. But first of all, you have to apply for the proper visa. Right now, the 485 visa processing time is 9 to 10 months.

How To Get The Graduate Visa 485?

There are two streams of this visa. The Graduate Work Stream requires a Diploma or similar qualification, whereas the Post-Study Work Stream requires a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate. So, at first, you should decide which stream you will apply for. Once the stream is selected, you can consult an immigration agent Adelaide for professional guidance in the application procedure.

How Can A Visa Agent Help You?

A professional migration agent Adelaide can guide you in each step of the application and keep in contact with the Immigration Department on your behalf. They have enough experience and thus can help you get the best possible outcomes.

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