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Is renting a car safe in COVID -19?

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Covid-19 has created chaos everywhere. Currently, the whole world is dealing with this pandemic. People are advised to maintain social distance in public spheres. But it is nearly impossible to keep distance, especially when you are using local transport. Many people rely on public transport, but in recent scenarios, it is not a smart choice. Public transports, such as buses, trains, etc., are filled with many strangers, and any one of them can be Covid positive. So it is better to avoid local buses or trains during the outbreak of the virus. This is where car rental companies come in handy. Renting a car is an appropriate option right now. These companies offer fully sanitized cars at your doorstep without any hassle of public transport. Hiring a car from a Luxury Car Rental in Dubai is a safer option. Car rentals assure their customers with utmost safety and comfort. Moreover, these cars are more comfortable and full of benefits. Here are some reasons why renting a car is safe in Covid-19:

  1. Private Conveyance

Having a private conveyance is always better whether there is a virus out there or not. The freedom of having your car even for a day is nothing less than a blessing. As amid the pandemic, it is important to have a private vehicle. Having your car will save you from unnecessary physical contact with people. It reduces the chances of you catching Covid from a stranger. So it is a clever option to rent a private car.

  1. Sanitized Cars

Car rental companies care for their customers, and that is why they keep their cars fully sanitized and clean. They sanitize their cars before and after each use. The cars are equipped with sanitizers and disinfectants. Every part of the car is completely sanitized, from the steering wheel to the tires. So it is a safe option to rent a car because every car rental company provides the surety of regular cleaning of cars. They even provide free sanitizers, gloves, masks, and gels in their automobiles.

  1. The Compulsion of Masks

Luxury car rentals do not allow their customers to rent a car without wearing a mask.Wearing a mask can prevent the chances of catching coronavirus. Car rental companies have now made it necessary to wear masks. If you are renting a car with chauffeur services, don’t worry. The chauffeur will be wearing a mask as well. Many car rental companies encourage their customers to inform them if chauffeurs are driving without masks. It is a good initiative because most people do not consider wearing masks, especially when travelling locally. So it is one more safe reason to pick car rentals in Covid.

  1. Minimized Physical Contact

People are now more afraid than ever. Touching any surface creates chaos in everyone’s mind. The fear is not irrational. Coronavirus is spreading even on minor physical contact. The virus can stay for hours and days on surfaces, so it is better not to touch anything or anyone. Given the recent circumstances, car rental companies have changed their ways. They hand over keys in the plastic packet, they also encourage online check-ins rather than visiting the office. Even some of the car rental companies provide free pick-up and delivery to reduce physical contact. They are trying to minimize it in every possible way.  Luxury car rental in Dubai is working on a keyless entry system to avoid transferring keys from one to another. Many cars even come with keyless ignition systems such as Ford Mustang, Ford 150 Shelby, Chevrolet Camaro, etc.

  1. Prioritizing Customers

Car rental companies have always tried their best to provide excellent services to their clients. From quality vehicles to friendly on-time customer services, they make every effort not to disappoint them. The customer’s needs and requirements are their utmost priority. They have an online customer support system to answer queries. In the pandemic, these car rental companies are trying their hardest to meet the expectations of their clients. They are providing fully sanitized cars, gloves, masks, and gel when offering a vehicle. They disinfect their vehicles after each use from inside to outside. They also encourage their employees to take appropriate measures when it comes to personal hygiene. Many car rental companies have an online portal so that their customers don’t get in unnecessary physical contact. This indicates that car rental companies care about their customers and try to provide the best even during the pandemic to satisfy their clients.

Car renting is no doubt a safer option to pick in Covid-19. It is more convenient, comfortable, and clean. The companies have a strict policy regarding the hygiene of their customers. So it is safe to say that renting a car in Covid-19 is a better option than public transport. Private cars can reduce the chances of falling sick and are more convenient. Luxury car rental assures you to provide clean private cars and contactless services. So, next time when you have to go out, do prefer renting a car to have a safe and comfortable journey.

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