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Is It Likely To Move To Canada With A Remote Job?

by Kashif Khan
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It is almost everyone’s dream in India to work in countries like the USA, Canada, or the UK. Yet only a few end up achieving this target and go to work in a different country. The prominent reason hindering this dream is an Employment Visa. Be it the USA, UK, or Canadian Employment Visa; there are always some challenges in getting them. However, with the help of many immigration and visa consultants in India, these challenges can be dealt with. These immigration consultants take care of immigration needs with relevant ease.

Why Canada?

A significant hike in the number of people working remotely in Canada in recent times is noticeable. This hike is due to a rise in employment needs in IT, health care, online customer services, and more. The companies realized that employees could work efficiently from the comfort of their homes and with the flexibility in the working hours. Hence, the companies in Canada decided to hire skilled human resources from Canada and from across the globe. There has been a significant hike in Canadian Employment Visa applications.

Benefits of working remotely in Canada

Post Covid-19, the employers have been inclined to allow employees to work remotely. It is because of the many personal and professional benefits attached to the concept. Here are a few good reasons for working remotely:

1. A good work-life balance:

A flexible working schedule makes it easier to balance personal and professional life more manageable. When you are not needed to stick to a strict schedule, you can take care of your errands like picking up your groceries or dropping off your kids at school. 

2. Less commutation:

A daily commute takes a toll on your physical and mental health. Driving to your office for 30 to 40 minutes through heavy traffic is undoubtedly stressful. Working remotely from home could save such stress and enough time to be put to some other use.

3. Save on money: 

With commutation comes the expense of commutation. Expenses like fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other petty costs can be pretty much eliminated with remote working. No traveling might equal no expense, which in turn equals more savings. 

4. Liberty to stay where you want: 

If you are not bound to visit your work premise daily, you choose to work from wherever your heart wants. So, if you’re going to extend your stay with your loved ones after a lovely weekend, feel free to do so. The priority should be the work, though.

Is it possible to shift to Canada with a remote job?

It is a fair question to ask, and the answer is yes! You can easily migrate to Canada from India with a remote job. The crucial aspect is to make sure that you have a valid job offer and if at all, you need a LIMA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). Having a standing job offer in Canada certainly helps further the cause. However, many federal economic programs offered by Express Entry System allow you to immigrate even without a job offer. 

What is Express Entry System?

ESS is a process of online immigration application. A profile is submitted to the portal, including personal details like education, skills, work experience, and linguistic proficiency. The profiles with the highest scores get offered to apply for permanent residency. There are mainly three programs which are offered by EES, which are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class

Why hire an Immigration Consultant?

Professionals know how to do it properly. If you want to shift to Canada to work, you can do it without hiring an immigration consultant. However, hiring a professional improves the chances of selection/ confirmation, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Apt guidance

There are thousands of applications that are rejected every year due to technical errors in the applications. These errors not only kill time but money and effort too. Hence hiring a professional is always a good move to avoid such situations. It is always better to do things right on the first attempt. 

2. Proper application and verified documents

It is perhaps the most important in the whole process of application. Most applications get rejected due to either an incomplete application form or poorly verified documents. Immigration consultants play an essential role in preparing the form and verifying papers correctly, which is a time-consuming activity.


Canada is witnessing a massive increment in its immigration due to the rise in employment opportunities for skilled people around the globe. It made working remotely in Canada possible with relative ease, and opting to hire an immigration consultant is the best move if you want to migrate to Canada from India.

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